I’ve been sewing since I was in fourth grade.  My hobby started when the 4H leader came to talk to our class.  It was then that I picked out a booklet about how to make an apron.  With a little help from my mom I completed my first project and was rather proud of what I had made.  Sure wish I had kept that booklet and the apron I made.  It looked something like this one that I have of my mom’s.

Mom's Apron

Mom’s Apron


One would think that after sewing this many years I would know all the tricks and tips about sewing.  But, I learned three things in the last two days about sewing.

While substitute teaching in a high school FCS(family and consumer science)class during my hour long break I picked out some sewing books to glance through.


Correct way to sew darts

Lesson 1: Correct Way to Sew Darts

Thanks to Frances Baynor Parnell author of  Skills for Personal & Family Living I learned that I had been sewing darts wrong all these years.  I never did those three last stitches on the fold.

Correct Way to Sew on a Button

Lesson 2: Proper Way to Sew on a Button

This is not the way I always sewed on a button, but thanks to Parnell’s book I learned how to make a thread shank.  To make a thread shank you lay a toothpick over the button while sewing it onto your garment.  Then you remove the toothpick and pull the button up winding the thread around the thread at the bottom of the button.  Pull the thread through the shank and knot on the underside of the garment.  This gives room between the button and the other layer when fastened.



Yesterday I went to a Husquavarna sewing machine dealer to discuss some things about my machine.  After having my machine for about 4 years I learned that I had a machine foot D that was for sewing a blind hem stitch.  So now I can save lots of time when I hem since I always sewed them by hand.  I found this technique in the school book above that I found today.  So I am sharing one of the pictures with you in hopes you will learn too.



Lesson 3: How to sew a blind stitch hem


Whoever said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is mistaken.  I’m fairly old and I learned 3 things in two days about sewing.  I’m sure there are a lot more techniques I need to learn.  Let me know if there are any neat sewing tips you have.

Yes, I learned 3 new tricks in the last 2 days.

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