While most people hate winter, a few people love it.   Believe me, I’m not one that loves it.  But, there are some things I like about winter.  I thought you may enjoy reading  my lists of things I like and dislike about the season.



  • The Christmas season and all the shopping, gifting, cooking, and celebrating with friends and family
  • Christmas lights all over town
  • New Years Eve
  • Coming in from the cold to a warm fire in the fireplace.
  • The beauty of the new fallen snow with the sunshine glistening off the ice
  • Being snowed in for ONE day
  • Melting snow after the first snowed in day
  • Hot chocolate while sitting near the fireplace
  • A soft snuggling blanket or throw
  • Buying new boots or new winter clothing
  • Wearing coats and sweaters to cover up some figure flaws or make them less obvious.
  • Snow days from school.  Yes, after all these years I still get excited when I see or hear “No school in Boyle County”.
  • Basketball
  • Eating chili or soup
  • Receiving gardening magazines in the mail and dreaming about the flowers you’re going to plant or the seeds you will sow in your garden
  • Super Bowl and the Daytona 500
  • Valentine’s Day



  • Paying off credit cards after all that extravagant Christmas giving
  • Taking down the Christmas decorations
  • Being dark around 5:30-6:30
  • Being snowed in for several days
  • Slipping or falling on ice
  • Driving in snow or on ice.
  • Short days and long nights
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Paying high electric or gas bills
  • Car doors frozen shut
  • Flus, colds, and sinus infections
  • Getting the dreaded Federal tax papers in the mail to remind us to start working on our taxes

As I made my lists of likes and dislikes I was surprised that my Likes outnumbered my Dislikes.  Interestingly I found out that I don’t dislike winter as much as I thought I did.   What about you?  Do you Like or Dislike winter?

The moral to the story is that sometimes you think you dislike something, but in reality it isn’t as bad as you thought.  Maybe next time you think you dislike something, look for the positive things about it.  Try to see the good in everything and everybody.

Until next time,  Have a fantastic winter.


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