What the World Needs Now

With all that is going on in this world nowadays I have thought long and hard about the solutions to the problems.  The only thing I can come up with is that love is the answer.  Violence isn’t love, murder isn’t love,  and the hatred that we are seeing is the opposite of love. I pray that the violence against police officers stops.  I also pray that racism comes to a halt.  It seems racial tensions are worse than they were a few years ago.  I wonder if the news media is part of the cause.  Please watch my video I have made.  Maybe this will help make the world just a tiny bit better.

I hope you enjoyed my video.  Excuse my voice.  But I was afraid I’d break copy right laws if I used Jackie DeShannon’s song.  By the way, did you see that she’s from Kentucky?  I learned this when I made the video.  My brother and I went with some friends to see her in Louisville when we were teenagers.  Now that was a good memory.  Until next time….Have a good day!



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