What Happened to Our Playground?

There was a hollow tree beside a creek. There were rocks, crawdads, and minnows.  There we were… cousins playing at the farm of our grandparents with not a care in the world.  This was us in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

I remember skipping past the chicken house going towards the wooden gate.  To open the gate you had to remove the old rusty chain.  I loved swinging the gate open while standing on the bottom rail. Once I got in trouble for leaving it open.


granddaddys-barnNext we passed the old wooden barn and started running through a field of daisies to get to our playground.   Yes, it was the little creek at Grandma and Granddaddy’s farm where some of my happiest memories were made.


We played for hours building dams, searching for crawdads, and climbing that old hollow tree.  Once a different tree fell across the creek a little farther down the creek.  We used it as a bridge to cross to the other side where we found huge rocks that we named the Indian rocks.  Sometimes we would have a little picnic on the rocks.




We had our toy cap guns and tobacco sticks that we imagined were our horses.  We played cowboys and Indians, but none of us grew up to be school shooters or mass murderers.  We did all this without adult supervision.  What happened to those innocent times?

Sad to say time passed quickly and progress took our playground away.  A new road was built right through the middle of our playground.  The creek is now just a ditch alongside a 4 lane highway.

Culbrit under the highway where I creek once flowed.

Under the highway where our creek once flowed.









A subdivision is built where our Indian rocks were.

Highway 127 and Shelby Green Subdivision

Highway 127 and Shelby Green Subdivision

And the carefree days are no more.  Now we worry about air pollution, global warming, violence, heroin overdoses, and nuclear attacks.

Back in those days you seldom heard about murders, bank robberies, or house break-ins.  We never locked our doors or cars at night.  What has happened to our safe neighborhoods, our state, and our nation?

How I wish we could have those carefree, innocent days again.  The happy go lucky days of our youth were so precious.

Sad to say that time and progress  took our playground away.  Sometimes I wish time and progress could be stopped.  But like Tracy Lawrence’s song says, ‘Time Marches On’ and ‘the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes’.


I still love living in Kentucky even though many things have changed.  What about you?

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