Pray for an end to the violence

The Answer is not Violence.


The first thing on the news this morning was a story on violence in Charlotte, South Carolina.  An African-American was shot and killed by a police officer recently which started the violence.

Who is responsible?

First of all the man killed had violated the law.  Second, maybe the police officer overstepped her bounds.

Possibly both were in the wrong.

But what I know is that violence doesn’t help this matter.  Violence just causes more hatred.

The news media is partially to blame for the violence for not telling the part of the story about the man breaking the law.

Yes, there is unrest, racial profiling, and hatred in our society.  But will violence help solve these problems?

No, they will only make matters worse.  A peaceful protest would likely help matters more.  Writing letters to authorities could help.  Filing a law suit may be in order, but never violence.

Police officers need to be caring, non-prejudiced, and well-trained.  They deserve our respect as they risk their lives daily.  We should let the authorities judge whether these police officers were in the right or wrong.  Not the news media which tries to sensationalize every situation.

Let us remember this bible verse:

This is what the Sovereign Lord says:  You have gone far enough….Give up your violence and oppression and do what is just and right. Ezekiel 45:9

I felt this verse was worthy of posting as it addresses both sides of the controversy.  The violence that has resulted in this situation and the oppression that the African-Americans have experienced.

Just my 2 cents worth.  Feel free to comment if you wish.

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