The Day I Made Time Stop

Yes, I Made Time Stop

Whoever said that time never stops for anyone was wrong.  Read on to learn how I made time stop.

Teachers have all kinds duties besides teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.  One year mine was breakfast duty which included wiping off tables and making sure there were no food fights or screaming across the cafeteria to a friend.

It was the Monday in the spring when time changed to Daylight Savings Time.  The round clock on the wall by the kitchen was an hour off.  It was just like the one in my classroom that was battery operated. (Which reminds me that we had to furnish the batteries ourselves.)

I thought to myself, “The kids are being good so I’ll climb up on this table, help out the custodian,  and change the clock to the correct time.”  When I got up on that table I tugged, but the clock was harder to get off the wall than the one in my room. So I gave it a stronger tug.

You won’t believe what happened.  Sparks flew out from behind the clock!  Not little sparks, but huge ones!  That clock was not battery operated!  It was an electric clock, and I had just pulled it off the wall.  Here it was dangling from the wall!

How I kept from being electrocuted and dying right there I don’t know.  Not only did I stop time in the cafeteria,  but all the clocks in the entire school stopped.  Also, the bell system ceased to work.

My principal told me I was fired.  But I guess he was just joking because I was fortunate to be able to teach 10 more years after this incident.  Here I was trying to help the custodian out and I ended up costing the school around $400 and almost losing my job.

It’s a funny story now, but believe me it wasn’t funny at the time.

Moral to the story:  Don’t try to make time stop.  It won’t work. But keep trying to help others out, even if it doesn’t.


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