The Beginning of our Love Story

In the fall of 1965 it was our high school’s turn to attend a Lexington, Kentucky TV show called The Nick Clooney Show.  This weekly broadcast was set up like American Bandstand.  Every Saturday a local high school would be featured.


Students involved in sports, cheerleading, etc. would travel by school bus to participate in the show.  The latest music, dancing, and interviews with the visitors would be the main part of the show.  Nick Clooney, the father of famous actor George Clooney, was the emcee. He was as handsome as his famous son.  Another thing that made this special is that Mr. Clooney’s beautiful wife was from our county.


I remember dancing to the latest hits, and Nick Clooney interviewing me. He even ask me to say hello to my friends and family back home while being on TV.  An excited teenager I was.


After the show is when my now husband and my love story began.  All of the students and their sponsors got on the bus for our 45 minute ride back home. As I entered the bus most of the seats were filled up.  When I got to my future husband’s seat I ask him if I could sit next to him. He obliged, and I sat down next to him.


We talked all the way home, or probably I talked all the way home.  We drove past the Kentucky River where he showed me the locations of some of his family members. When we finally got back to our high school I suddenly remembered I had no way to get home.  I told him I didn’t have a ride home, and he gladly offered me a ride.  I took him up on the offer.


When we got to his car I noticed that 3 other football players were riding with him. I didn’t hesitate, and happily got in the front seat with the 3 big football players in the back seat. Now if one of my daughters or granddaughters were to ride around with 4 guys and only her I would not be very happy mom or Nana.


My future boyfriend, now husband, drove us around the local hangouts.  Jerry’s Drive In and the Dairy Dip were places you just couldn’t pass up when you had Dad’s car. I may have fell in love with the ’63 Impala before I fell in love with the guy!  He drove fast and I was excited about the situation.


Here’s the twist to the story. When he dropped me off at my aunt’s house I accidently left my purse in his car.  I swear it wasn’t planned! He swears up and down I did it on purpose so he’d have to come back and see me.


Well, that’s what he did. Brought my purse back and ask me out.  That’s when our 51 year love story began. Still going strong, happy, and blessed.

Today is our 49th anniversary.  Wow.  How time flies by.

Hope you enjoyed my little love story.  I hope you come back again to read more thoughts by Mrs. B.


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