[ser-uh n-dip-i-tee] /ˌsɛr ənˈdɪp ɪ ti/
1.  an aptitude for making desirable discoveries  by  accident.

2.  good fortune; luck:  the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for.

Serendipity means  finding something that makes you very happy when you aren’t looking for it.  I love this word.  I love the sound of it and what it means.

When I was in college I had an instructor who taught the class this word.  I had never heard it before, but since then I have experienced it several times.  It is a thrill to have a serendipity.

Here are two more examples of a serendipity:

  • Finding a $20 in your handbag or coat pocket
  • Bumping into a long lost friend while on vacation

I’m going to share two of my recent serendipities with you.

Lately I had become interested in geneology.  One spring day I was fiddling around the house when the phone rang.  telephoneThe woman’s voice on the other end said, “You don’t know me, but I think you are my cousin.”  She proceeded to tell me who she was.  Her mother and my mother were first cousins.  She had found me through my mother’s obituary online.  I had heard Mom speak of her cousin, but they had lost contact with one another many years ago.

We made plans to meet.  When the day came around, she brought two more cousins and her mother with her.  We discussed what we each knew about our ancestors. On another visit she brought 2 more cousins, and  we traveled to the Tennessee mountains to visit the old home place and graves of our great grandparents.

Our great-grandparents old homeplace

Our great-grandparents old homeplace

Finding cousins I didn’t know I had was a serendipity for me.

My next serendipity happened about three months later while boating at the lake.  My husband and I were stopped in the middle of the lake while some friends stopped and talked to people in another boat.

I overheard a conversation coming from the other two boats that mentioned a special name.  That name was my mother’s maiden name.  I yelled across the water, and asked, “Where are your ancestors from?”  He responded, “Oneida, TN”.  In an excited voice I told him we had to be cousins.  I asked him who his grandfather was.  Sure enough, his grandfather was my great uncle.  So at the lake I unexpectantly found another cousin I had no idea that I had.  And he, unknowingly was a cousin of the other one who called me out of the clear blue.

To me these two experiences were serendipities.  I was delighted to find these new cousins in three months time.  What a blessing to be able to share what we knew about our ancestors!

Now it’s your turn to share a few serendipities that you have experienced.  If you don’t want to share here, you can share with a friend.  At least maybe you learned a new word today.

Thanks for reading.  See ya’ next time.


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