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Saving money here and there is a necessity today.  Even two income families have difficulty paying for all the little extras we all seem to want like the latest cell phones, internet service, and gadgets.  Here are 4 ways that I try to save a little money so I can have a few extra bucks to put in my pocket.  I hope it will help you in whatever your financial situation is.

Get money back with ibotta

Ibotta is an app for your phone which will give you a little extra cash in your pocket.  Why not download it and start saving money.  After you get the app you use it to look for  products at certain stores that are offering rebates.  At Kroger I found rebates for any brand of tomatoes, bread, milk, and orange juice.  Other rebates may be specific brands like Premium Deli Lunch Meat, Hot Pockets, or Diet Coke.  Rebates range from $.25 to $1.00.  After you buy the product you scan the barcode, then the receipt.  The app will explain the process.  When you scan your first item, you get a $10 bonus.  When the rebate amount you have scanned reaches $20 you can redeem it in gift cards or cash.  This would be a good way to get gift cards for Christmas presents free.  Just go to

The first time I used it I got $16 towards my $20.  So hopefully next time I go grocery shopping I’ll reach the $20 mark.  Update Sept. 29  Since I wrote this blog just 20 days later I now have $52.25 in my account.  Woohoo!  You get $5.00 for each friend you invite that signs up and cashes in a rebate.  There are also other bonuses that I didn’t know about before.

Kroger Fuel Points

I have a friend who often gets $1.00 a gallon discount on gas at Kroger.  How can one get such a large discount on gas?  Here’s how.  When you sign up at Kroger for a loyalty card and make purchases you get fuel points.  If you give a review from the link on your receipt you can get 50 bonus points.  But the best way to get extra fuel points is to  buy gift cards when Kroger offers 4X points.  You can get restaurant, retail stores, or iTunes cards.  So when you go out to eat, buy clothing or download music you can add to your discount for your gas.  Buy gift cards year round for Christmas presents at Kroger when they are offering the 4X points.   Be careful when you buy them because for some reason they don’t 4X’s those cards where you have to choose the amount on the card.  So just buy the ones that have a fixed amount on them and you could save up to $1.00 a gallon on your gas.

Save Money by Using Ebates

After you’ve read how it works click here to get started.

With Ebates you get a % back of what you spend on internet purchases.  All you have to do is sign up and every time you buy something online go to Ebates first.  Search for the store or product you are ready to buy.  The % of rebate you can get will be posted.  Buy the product and it will automatically be put into your Ebates account.  At this time the rebates are doubled at American Eagle, Macy’s and many others.  This really amounts up around Christmas time with all the gifts we buy online.  You also can order online and pick up your order at Lowe’s, Walmart, Kroger, and many others.  They will have your order ready when you get to the store.  For instance, if you are going to buy a washer and dryer pick one out at Lowe’s .  Then go to and order it online.  Sometimes you can  get enough back to pay the sales tax.  Ebates will send your rebate check in the mail every three months.   So far I have received $240.40 back from Ebates.  My daughter who buys more than I do on the internet has gotten back over $600.  This is an easy way to get money back.

Mr. Rebates

Another site you can go to that works the same way as Ebates is Mr. Rebates.  If you can’t find a rebate at one then look at the other.  Some of the stores featured with rebates on Mr. Rebates are Cabela’s, Guess, and Life is Good.  Sometimes one of these two sites will have a larger rebate than the other.  So you really need to compare the two before making your purchase.

Here is the link for Mr. Rebates.

These four ways to get cash back are really simple.  Don’t be afraid that you’ll be scammed.  I’ve done all four and it works.  If you know of any other apps or sites that will help us save money feel free to share in the comment section.  In the meantime happy shopping.

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