Panama Canal via Coral Princess

On our 10 day cruise in January, 2017 one of our days was spent traveling through the Panama Canal. What an accomplishment this was for the world! The canal saves so much time and money for the trade industry to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.  I have lots of pictures so sit back and enjoy.

The ship took us through three locks, then on to Gatun Lake.  This first set of pictures show our trip to Gatun Lake.

Traveling to Gatun Lake on the Coral Princess

Onward toward the Pacific Ocean

We did a partial transit through the canal on the cruise ship.  Then we boarded the lifeboats that tendered us to shore where we got on an air conditioned bus.  The bus took us to a ferry which transferred us through the remainder of the canal.  Then we got back on the bus and went to Colon where we boarded our ship the Coral Princess.

Taken while riding on the air conditioned bus

Our tour of the Panama Canal was long and hot.  It was also educational.  I learned that the canal was finished in 1914, and turned over to Panama in 1999.  More than 1,000,000 ships have crossed through the canal saving both producers and consumers money.  The Gatun Lake is 26 meters above sea level therefore the necessity to use the 6 locks.  These locks act as elevators to raise and lower the water level so the ships can pass through the canal.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picture tour through the canal.  Now I can check this one off my bucket list.


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