[ser-uh n-dip-i-tee] /ˌsɛr ənˈdɪp ɪ ti/
1.  an aptitude for making desirable discoveries  by  accident.

2.  good fortune; luck:  the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for.

Serendipity means  finding something that makes you very happy when you aren’t looking for it.  I love this word.  I love the sound of it and what it means.

When I was in college I had an instructor who taught the class this word.  I had never heard it before, but since then I have experienced it several times.  It is a thrill to have a serendipity.

Here are two more examples of a serendipity:

  • Finding a $20 in your handbag or coat pocket
  • Bumping into a long lost friend while on vacation

I’m going to share two of my recent serendipities with you.

Lately I had become interested in geneology.  One spring day I was fiddling around the house when the phone rang.  telephoneThe woman’s voice on the other end said, “You don’t know me, but I think you are my cousin.”  She proceeded to tell me who she was.  Her mother and my mother were first cousins.  She had found me through my mother’s obituary online.  I had heard Mom speak of her cousin, but they had lost contact with one another many years ago.

We made plans to meet.  When the day came around, she brought two more cousins and her mother with her.  We discussed what we each knew about our ancestors. On another visit she brought 2 more cousins, and  we traveled to the Tennessee mountains to visit the old home place and graves of our great grandparents.

Our great-grandparents old homeplace

Our great-grandparents old homeplace

Finding cousins I didn’t know I had was a serendipity for me.

My next serendipity happened about three months later while boating at the lake.  My husband and I were stopped in the middle of the lake while some friends stopped and talked to people in another boat.

I overheard a conversation coming from the other two boats that mentioned a special name.  That name was my mother’s maiden name.  I yelled across the water, and asked, “Where are your ancestors from?”  He responded, “Oneida, TN”.  In an excited voice I told him we had to be cousins.  I asked him who his grandfather was.  Sure enough, his grandfather was my great uncle.  So at the lake I unexpectantly found another cousin I had no idea that I had.  And he, unknowingly was a cousin of the other one who called me out of the clear blue.

To me these two experiences were serendipities.  I was delighted to find these new cousins in three months time.  What a blessing to be able to share what we knew about our ancestors!

Now it’s your turn to share a few serendipities that you have experienced.  If you don’t want to share here, you can share with a friend.  At least maybe you learned a new word today.

Thanks for reading.  See ya’ next time.

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Little Things to be Thankful For

As I was sitting here thinking about the many things I have to be thankful for I decided to write a few down.  Yes, the big things like Family, Food, Health, and Freedom came to mind.  But I wanted to concentrate on a few little things I’m thankful for.  Here are 20 little things I came up with:fireplace

  • A warm fire in the fireplace
  • A friend’s phone call when you are down
  • Hugs from your significant other
  • Kind words from a stranger
  • Little children’s laughter
  • Seeing a rainbow after a storm
  • That person who always has your back
  • A song that brings a smile to your face
  • Having enough money to have gas in your car and food on your table
  • An unexpected invitation to eat out with a friend
  • Hearing our children saying, “I love you.”
  • People in your life that make you feel special
  • Having a job you love
  • Sitting beside someone you love at church
  • Time to relax
  • Ability to read an enjoyable book
  • Laughing with friends
  • Receiving a card from someone you haven’t heard from in a while
  • The last flower of the growing season
  • A compliment from an unexpected person
  • Memories of past Thanksgivings

There are so many more that it would take forever to list.  Would you like to add some of the little things you are thankful for?  Scroll down  to leave a comment in the comment section.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and followers.

Mrs. B.


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A Happy Childhood

One of my many blessings is that I had a happy childhood.  I ‘m so thankful that my parents were Christians who took me to church.  I learned about Jesus and what was right and wrong.  I had a huge extended family that showed me unconditional love.

This brings me to the point of this message.  Many children do not have happy, secure, loving home lives.  As a teacher I have seen many children who are sad because of broken families, alcohol, and drug abuse.  Many are being raised by single parents, grandparents, aunts, or foster parents.

During my 28 year career as a teacher I saw many students who were negatively affected by a difficult home life.  Now as a substitute I see this problem getting worse.  I often have students make comments about their home life.

I’m going to share 4 conversations that I’ve had recently with children that have broken my heart.


boys-in-creekThe first incident happened near my house.  On a very cool day there were children playing in the little creek by my house.  They were out there for hours.  I saw no parents or adults around which is unusual these days. Finally I went out to talk to them.  One little boy’s tennis shoes were so wet and muddy that he had taken them off.  I told him, “Your mom is going to be so upset about your shoes.”   He replied, “I don’t have a mom.”  Later I found our his mom was in rehab and he lived with his grandfather.  How sad that a mother puts her drug habit ahead of her children.  The people who don’t work with children don’t realize how often this happens.  Prayers for this child, his mom, and his grandpa.

Another sad conversation occured at the end of the school year while I was substituting in a first grade class room.  The assignment was to complete a four part organizer for writing.  They were to list or draw 4 things they planned to do over summer break.  Most kids wrote about going on vacation, riding their bikes, or visiting grandma.  One little boy drew four pictures all pertaining to his dad.  I sat down beside him while asking him what his scribbly drawings were.

Here’s what he said they were.

  1. Fishing and hunting with his dad.
  2. His dad taking him to shoot guns.
  3. Riding a four-wheeler with his dad.
  4. Hanging out with his dad.

It was obvious that he didn’t see his father very often.  I quietly asked him if he lived with his dad to which he responded, “No.”  I asked him if he saw him very often.  He stated,  “I see him sometimes.”

This scenario broke my heart.  I could sense the yearning the boy had to spend quality time with his dad.  I pray that this little guy got to spend time with his father.

The next incident happened in a third grade classroom.  A sweet 8 year old girl was writing in her journal.  The assignment was to write a story that starts with “I wish…”sad-girl

She wrote about how she wished her grandpa hadn’t left her grandma.  Then about how her grandpa kept his house cleaner than her own house was.  She continued on about how she wished she could go see her grandpa.

Needless to say she was affected by divorce.  I’m sure she missed the security of having grandparents in a loving marriage.  I just can’t imagine my grandparents being apart.  How fortunate I was to have grandparents who loved one another and me.

The last child I’m going to tell you about was a little boy in the second grade.  For some unknown reason he told me he lived with his dad and step-mother.  He proceeded to tell me that his mom lived out of state, and he didn’t see her very often.  The reason being that her husband wasn’t very nice to him.

Oh, the emotional pain these kids go through is heartbreaking.  This made me think about how much I love my children and my husband.  It reminded me that I would never allow a man to be mean to my children.  Also, I have always loved my children so much that I would never have wanted to live in another state without them.

Please say a little prayer for this boy, his mom, and step-dad.

What can be done to help these children? Maybe you can be a mentor for a child who is in a bad situation.  CASA is an organization that helps foster children. casa You could be a CASA volunteer or donate to this group.  Could you be a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization or lead a Boy or Girl Scout troop?  We all could get an angel off one of the trees in your local stores.  angel-treeJust showing kindness to a little child may make them a little happier for a while.

If you had a happy childhood, you should thank your parents if they are still living.  If not, you may want to share with a loved one how special your childhood was, and tell them how thankful you are for it.  Unfortunately many children can not say they are thankful for a happy childhood.  Thank God,  I am one who had a happy, secure childhood.

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November…The Count Your Blessings Month

In the month of November I stop and count my many blessings.  There are so many I just can’t list them all, but I will try to list a few.

  •  Health & Happiness
  • Faith, Family, & Friends
  • Jobs & Education
  • Food & Shelter
  • Country & Freedom
  • Safety & Protection
  • Hope & Heaven
  • Goodness & Grace
  • Love & Kindness

These are just some of the things I’m thankful for.  Sometimes I forget how blessed I am.  Writing  my blessings down helped me to realize how insignificant my problems actually are.  Try it and see if it helps you too.

The following is a slide show I prepared.  You will see some quotes, songs, and prayers that should make us stop and think of how grateful we should be.  As you read them I hope it reminds you of the many things you have to be thankful for.


I hope you enjoyed my slide show on counting our blessings.  If you have any more “thankful thoughts”, feel free scroll down to the comment section below.

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Autumn Colors in Central Kentucky

Do you appreciate the natural beauty that we have here in Central Kentucky?  Just take a drive through the countryside to view the gorgeous shades of orange, yellow, and red during this fall season.  Take a look at my pictures, and you can see it isn’t necessary to go to New England or Gatlinburg to see beautiful fall landscapes.  (The pictures won’t fully display on your phone.  I made them large so you could see the beauty of the area.)

While driving around our beautiful area of Kentucky I took the pictures for these two slide shows.  The first one is from all over the county, while the second one is from the Forkland area.  There are also pictures from the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge.

Don’t you agree that the nature painted landscapes in central Kentucky are lovely?  We need to be thankful for our natural resources in our environment.  Not only do they give us the beauty of the fall colors, but the trees give us oxygen, wood for heat, and homes to the wildlife.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I know I enjoy living in Kentucky.

These pictures are taken in the Forkland area, including the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge.

I hope you take time to visit the Central Ky Wildlife Refuge this fall.  There you can experience the peace and quiet of this natural area with its trees and wildlife.  I ‘m so thankful that we have this  place nearby where our environment is protected from urban sprawl.  To live in such a beautiful area of the USA where I can take a relaxing drive through the countryside is a blessing.

I love living in Kentucky!

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Another Deer Season Story

Even though I dislike deer hunting season I have another deer story for you.  This story happened to a friend of my husband, and it is too good not to be shared.

His friend, I’ll call Jim, went deer hunting for the first time with two of his friends who were experienced deer hunters.  He loaded up his gun and found a place in the woods.


After sitting quietly for what seemed like hours he saw a glimpse of something moving.  Behind a pile of brush he could see the head of a deer with a fairly good set of antlers.  He fired his gun, but the deer disappeared.  He thought,  “Darn, I missed.  It ran off into the woods.”deer-in-grass

Disappointed he resumed his hunting position to wait for another deer to pass by.  Soon he saw another deer.  He raised his gun, aimed, and fired.  To his dismay, again the deer disappeared from sight.  Again, he decided the deer had been frightened and had run quickly farther into the woods.

deer-muleGetting more and more frustrated he settled back into his waiting place.  Jim thought to himself,  “This will be the last time I’ll go deer hunting.  I can’t hit anything.”

deer-3Impatiently Jim waited.  Surprisingly another deer popped up near where he had sighted the last two.  He figured third time would be the charm.  Carefully he raised his gun and aimed.  The gun fired, but again the deer disappeared.

Jim gave up and declared deer hunting wasn’t for him.  He came to the conclusion that he was a bad shot.  He packed up his belongings and proceeded to walk back to the truck.

He had to walk past the thicket where he had missed the three deer.  He glanced to the spot where the deer had been seen.  To his surprise he saw something he could barely believe.  Not one deer, not two deer.  But three deer!  Yes, this first time hunter had shot and killed three deer!

One deer is legal.  But, it is against the law to kill 2 or 3.  What’s a person to do?  When his two buddies caught up with him they decided that each of them would claim a deer.

deer-threeNeedless to say the guys had enough deer meat to last them all year.  Jim said he had enough of deer hunting.  As far as I know he has not been again.
That’s it for my deer stories.  I hope you enjoyed.

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Deer Season for This Lady

Deer Season in Kentucky

Deer hunting season

Back when I was still teaching my daughter and her husband were living with us while they were building a new house. It was fall, and deer hunting season was upon us.

On that crisp fall morning I was finished getting ready for school except for spraying my hair.  I noticed  on the bathroom sink an old white bottle that had the label partially worn off.  Even though it looked like it had been around for awhile I figured I’d use it to spray my hair.

At school when I finally had time to go to the rest room I noticed my hair looked bad…rather flat.  I didn’t have time to comb it.  Teachers just don’t have time at school to take care of such things.  After I got home I looked at myself in the mirror.   I said to myself,  “That hairspray is terrible.  It just didn’t do its job.”  So into the trash it went.

Later that night my son-in-law came in and asked if I’d seen a white spray bottle.  He said it contained his deer attractant spray that he sprays on his clothing so he’ll smell like a deer.  Needless to say I had that deer in the headlights look in my eyes.


Deer caught in headlights while crossing rural road

Yes, I had sprayed my hair with deer attractant spray.  No wonder it fell flat!  Thank goodness a deer didn’t come crashing through one of the school windows to get close to me.  Also my son-in-law was relieved that the trash with the white spray bottle hadn’t been taken to the dump yet.

So now you know my only experience related to deer hunting season.  No one living in Kentucky will find me hunting Bambi or her relatives.  Yes, I always think of Bambi when deer hunting season comes around.

I always think of Bambi during hunting season

The moral to the story is always be careful when using hair spray during deer hunting season.


I hope you enjoyed reading my one and only deer hunting experience.  Do any of you lady readers have any stories to share about deer hunting?

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Pictures from my blog

happy life
is this_edited

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Homemade Vanilla

Have you ever heard of homemade vanilla extract?  I hadn’t until I heard a friend talking about making some.  She raved about how much better it is for baking than imitation vanilla that you buy at the grocery store.  So I did a little research on it and decided to make some.

I quickly found out that homemade vanilla is not cheap.  I bought the smallest bottle of vodka I could find at $11.95.




The 2 long vanilla beans at Kroger were $8.95.


I could have gotten them much cheaper on the internet at

But I am impulsive and didn’t want to wait for it to ship.   Next time I will order from the internet.

When I came home from the grocery store my husband wanted to know why I had bought vodka.  As a woman who very seldom even takes a drink it was unusual for his wife to come home with a bottle of liquor.  I proceeded to explain to him that I was going to make  some homemade vanilla extract with the vodka and some vanilla beans I had bought.

To make the extract you just need two ingredients…vanilla beans and vodka.  First I tried to cut the vanilla beans long ways to try to release some of the flavor.  I found this difficult so I just cut them into smaller pieces.


The recipe I found called for 1 ounce vanilla beans to 4 ounces of vodka, bourbon, or rum.  Since I didn’t have a way to  measure the beans I just put the vanilla bean pieces back into the glass jar they came in and filled it up with the vodka.  You need to close the lid tightly, and make sure the beans are completely covered with the alcohol.

Using my Cricut Explore machine I made a label with the date I mixed my concoction.


Now I’ll have to wait at least 4 weeks to use it.  The recipe instructs to shake the mixture once a week.  If the mixture hasn’t turned dark after the 4 weeks passes, one should wait a little longer before using.

Hopefully the extract will be ready to use just in time for the holiday baking season.  If you need a great gift for a baker buy some jars from Hobby Lobby that have a tight fitting lid. With a ribbon, a nice tag, and a label you’ll have an unusual gift that will last a long time.  Meanwhile I’ll be searching for recipes for goodies with vanilla as an ingredient. I’ll update this post when I’ve used mine. Let me know if you’ve tried making your own vanilla extract and how it turned out.

Thanks for reading my latest blog post about living in Kentucky

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Chilly (Chili) Weather

Chilly (Chili) Weather

On the first cool day of fall I had a craving for homemade chili.  After all it had been since April that I had made a pot of the chili.  So off to the grocery store I went to buy:

  • 1 1/2 lbs. ground beef
  • 6 ou. can of tomato paste
  • 10 ou. can of tomato sauce with green chiles
  • 15.5 ou. can of kidney beans
  • 14 ou. can of beef broth
  • clove of garlic
  • salt/pepper
  • chili powder
  • saltine crackers

Actually I had a few of these things in my pantry, but figured I’d list the ingredients here.

My husband and I have some differences of opinion when it comes to chili.  He likes it soupy and I like it thick.  Pinto beans is his choice for the beans, but I like kidney beans and lots of them.  He puts a teaspoon of sugar in his and I don’t.  Spaghetti is a must for his chili, but I’d rather not have it in mine.  (I think my dislike of spaghetti comes from my elementary school days when the kids would eat it and say it was worms.)  Also if I use whole wheat spaghetti to try to make it a little healthier he complains.  He even sometimes put sausage in his chili which I don’t care for.

If you want to know my recipe for chili watch the following images.

Written instructions:

I brown the ground beef and strain the grease.  Then I cut up about a 1/4 cup of onions and brown it in the meat.  Next I add the chili powder and some pepper.  I like to use both tomato paste and canned tomatoes.  Home canned makes the chili delicious.  I usually add table salt, but recently I’ve heard how good Himilayin pink salt is.  I bought some on  You can click here and buy it.

Cook the spaghetti for about 15 minutes if you want it in your chili.  This is a quick and easy to make meal.  I like to serve mine with crackers and sliced cheese.  Sometimes I fix pimento cheese sandwiches to go with the chili.  It also tastes great to add grated cheese on top of your chili.


Usually I have chili left over.  Here is my recipe for Frito Chili which is quick to make for the next day’s meal.


  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees
  • Left over chili
  • Fritos
  • Grated Cheese
  • Cut up Onions
I layer these ingredients into a small greased pan suitable for the oven.  Top with the cheese and bake for about 20 minutes or until hot and the cheese is melted.
Serve with a tossed salad.  Such an easy way to use your left over chili.
Cookware I used:
Pampered Chefpampered-chefI love my pampered chef cookware.
<iframe style=”width:120px;height:240px;” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ src=”//®ion=US&placement=B001CB3FBW&asins=B001CB3FBW&linkId=def35012b909fd371ef8da0ab7d3348b&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=true&price_color=333333&title_color=0066c0&bg_color=ffffff”>
pampered-chef-meat-masherThe meat masher from Pampered Chef is great for cutting the meat without scratching your expensive cookware.
<iframe style=”width:120px;height:240px;” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ src=”//®ion=US&placement=B0011UFPXU&asins=B0011UFPXU&linkId=8fc21e526c3cb695d56a309575494bdd&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=true&price_color=333333&title_color=0066c0&bg_color=ffffff”>
I know there are lots of different ways to make chili.  I’d like to hear about your ways.  Just leave your comments below if you’d like to tell me.

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What Happened to Our Playground?

There was a hollow tree beside a creek. There were rocks, crawdads, and minnows.  There we were… cousins playing at the farm of our grandparents with not a care in the world.  This was us in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

I remember skipping past the chicken house going towards the wooden gate.  To open the gate you had to remove the old rusty chain.  I loved swinging the gate open while standing on the bottom rail. Once I got in trouble for leaving it open.


granddaddys-barnNext we passed the old wooden barn and started running through a field of daisies to get to our playground.   Yes, it was the little creek at Grandma and Granddaddy’s farm where some of my happiest memories were made.


We played for hours building dams, searching for crawdads, and climbing that old hollow tree.  Once a different tree fell across the creek a little farther down the creek.  We used it as a bridge to cross to the other side where we found huge rocks that we named the Indian rocks.  Sometimes we would have a little picnic on the rocks.




We had our toy cap guns and tobacco sticks that we imagined were our horses.  We played cowboys and Indians, but none of us grew up to be school shooters or mass murderers.  We did all this without adult supervision.  What happened to those innocent times?

Sad to say time passed quickly and progress took our playground away.  A new road was built right through the middle of our playground.  The creek is now just a ditch alongside a 4 lane highway.

Culbrit under the highway where I creek once flowed.

Under the highway where our creek once flowed.









A subdivision is built where our Indian rocks were.

Highway 127 and Shelby Green Subdivision

Highway 127 and Shelby Green Subdivision

And the carefree days are no more.  Now we worry about air pollution, global warming, violence, heroin overdoses, and nuclear attacks.

Back in those days you seldom heard about murders, bank robberies, or house break-ins.  We never locked our doors or cars at night.  What has happened to our safe neighborhoods, our state, and our nation?

How I wish we could have those carefree, innocent days again.  The happy go lucky days of our youth were so precious.

Sad to say that time and progress  took our playground away.  Sometimes I wish time and progress could be stopped.  But like Tracy Lawrence’s song says, ‘Time Marches On’ and ‘the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes’.


I still love living in Kentucky even though many things have changed.  What about you?

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