Have you all ever eaten an unhealthy salad?  If you live in Kentucky you probably have 
eaten what we call wilted lettuce. 


     Many people in Kentucky plant a vegetable garden 
in early spring to not only save money but to have fresh delicious food right in
their own backyard.  The first veggies to come up are usually leaf lettuce, 
radishes, and green onions. From these healthy veggies lots of us make a not so
healthy salad at least once a year.  What makes this salad unhealthy is that hot
bacon grease is used for the dressing.  To you it may sound gross, but my husband
and I love it. An artery clogger?  Well, probably but out of our 8 grandparents 6
lived to be in their 80's.  I'm sure they ate this concoction every spring.
Here's the recipe for all you bacon lovers out there. It makes enough for 3 people.


medium sized bowl of leaf lettuce
3-4 radishes
3-4 small green onions
6 slices of bacon
salt and pepper
boiled egg(optional)

Of course, if you all choose to use the egg boil it first.   I rinse off the lettuce a 
couple of times and pat it dry with a paper towel to make sure there is no dirt or
insects on it.  Slice the green onions including some of the green part.  Then 
dice the washed radishes.  Fry the bacon reserving the grease.  When cool enough
break apart into small pieces.  Add the radishes, onions, sliced egg, and bacon pieces to the
lettuce.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper while you reheat the bacon grease to make 
sure it is warm.  Pour the warm grease onto the salad and eat immediately.
You all may need to eat a few TUMS afterwards if you have stomach issues like I do.Try 
it.  I promise if you like bacon you will love it.
  Y'all have a good day.
         Mrs. B



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