My Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeves

Do little things annoy you?  Are there certain things that people do that aggravate you?  I have a few things that really get my  blood boiling.  I call them my pet peeves.  Read on to see them.

Are you kidding me?


My biggest pet peeve concerns Walmart.  Very seldom are the #16-#22 checkout lanes open.  Here’s the scenario.  I park on the side close to the pharmacy entrance needing to quickly run in and buy some shampoo.  But, lo and behold, to pay for my purchase I have to walk halfway down the checkout lines to find a line that is open.  Then I get behind 2 people both with their carts full. Darn it!  I just needed a bottle of shampoo!  There is an express line right there by the door.  Why can’t they have it open?  My guess is to make you stay in the store longer in hopes that you will buy more.

Also it is crazy how they move things around so you can’t find anything.  I do believe they do this so you’ll have to search for it and possible buy something else you see.  Now these two things get my blood boiling.

I took this picture today 8/5/2016.  It is a Friday and the place is crowded.  Are the express lanes open?

#16-#22 Closed as Usual


Another pet peeve I have is litter.  Why people throw their trash out their vehicle is beyond me.  Never does it fail that my husband finishes mowing the yard than some careless person throws out a candy wrapper or a Hardee’s cup.  I understand that people don’t want their cars trashed, but please think about what you are doing to the landscape of the area you live in.  I hate to see trash all along the highway.

"Go ahead and throw it in my yard," said no one ever.

“Go ahead and throw it in my yard,” said no one ever.

Surely everyone wants a clean, neat environment.

Here’s one solution to the problem.  When you have an empty tissue box save it.  The tissue box makes a great little trash box for your car.  And you are reusing too.  You know the saying “Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose”.  Just stick you candy wrappers and empty cups in the box.  If you often have larger amounts of trash in your car you can prepare ahead and put old plastic bags in a tissue box and pull them out when you need a trash bag.

If everyone did this our neighborhoods and highways would look so much nicer.

Empty Tissue Boxes for Trash

"Yes, it's ok, throw it all in my yard," said no one ever.


The last pet peeve I’ll discuss today involves improper grammar usage.  I cringe when people misuse “saw and seen”.

Grammar Lesson for the Day

Grammar Lesson for the Day

I guess that’s the school teacher in me coming out.  Lesson for today:


It is incorrect to say, “I seen him today.”  The correct form is “I saw him today.”  If you use the word “seen”  it needs a helping word like “have seen, has seen, had seen, was seen, were seen”.  End of Lesson

I hope that wasn’t too painful.  LOL

I hope I haven’t bored you out of your mind sharing 3 of my pet peeves.  I feel better just writing down these little things that bother me.  I have more!  I will share them at a later date. If you can think of anymore please leave them in the comment section below.

Bye, for now.  Mrs. B.


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