My God is Real

My God is Real

When I was younger like most people I had my doubts about God.  But as time passed and I got older in my heart and mind I knew that God and Jesus Christ are real.  Here’s one of my experiences that enforced my belief in God.

On my first airplane ride at about 30 years old I was traveling by myself to Florida to join my husband in Daytona Beach.  I was scared out of my wits to be flying alone on my very first ride in a jet.  As I sat down I started talking to the stranger sitting next to me about this being my first plane ride.  She offered me a pill that she said would help me not be so worried.  I didn’t know her from Adam, but like a dimwit I took the little white pill.  Fortunately it didn’t make me high or kill me, but it did settle my nerves.  I calmed myself down and felt much better.IMG_4066

Looking out the airplane window as we began our descent onto the runway I began to think,   “This is how God sees this beautiful world.  The things on earth looked  small from far up, but as we got closer to the ground everything seemed bigger.  Now every time I fly I am calm and just think about the patchwork of green fields, houses with swimming pools and white clouds that He can see anytime he chooses.

Fast forward about 30 years.  As I was flying on a trip I started thinking about Google Earth and GPS systems and how they can just zoom in and see buildings, cars, and even people standing in their yards.  Heck, with these systems you can almost see into people’s windows.  Now think about it. If man can build something like this, just imagine what GOD can do.  I truly believe that HE can zoom right into our hearts and minds to see us and also to be with us just as if he had a gigantic GPS system.  I hope you believe in God too. Until next time.  Have a good day.


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    Thank you, Ty.

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