Limon, Costa Rico via Coral Princess

In January of 2017 the Coral Princess cruise ship took us to Limon, Costa Rico.

Here we took an air conditioned bus through the town.  My pictures of the town are not very good because it was overcast and the bus windows were not clean.

The bus took us to the Tortuguero canal and throughout the countryside.  We got a glimpse of the ocean, banana plantations, and cattle.  While riding a large pontoon boat on the canal we saw lots of jungle vegetation like coconut trees and cashew trees.  If you had good, quick eyes you could see a few birds, monkeys, and a sloth.

After the canal trip we had samplings of the bananas and pineapples of the area.  The pineapple was the best I have every tasted.  The small gift shop had some nice items that were not expensive.  I bought this beautiful fringed sarong for only $10.

It was a rainy, dreary day when we were in Costa Rico.  Because of this the guide said we saw fewer animals than if it had been sunny.  The guide was intelligent and so proud of his country.  He shared a lot of interesting information about Costa Rico.   The excursion gave me an insight into living in Costa Rico.  I was disappointed my pictures didn’t come out any better.  If I ever go here again I will take an excursion to a nice beach.  I’m sure there are beautiful ones that we didn’t get to see.

I hope you enjoyed this picture  tour of Costa Rico.  My  next post will be about our trip through the Panama Canal.


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