Life is Like a Vapor

When I was a child it seemed summer lasted longer.  If it was September Christmas seemed a long way off.  But now that I am 66 summer is like a tornado.  It comes in fast and suddenly is gone.  Now in September I start thinking, “Wow, Christmas is just around the corner!”

As a child during my parents vacation they left my brother and me with relatives for 2 weeks every winter. I would cry and miss them so badly thinking how long it would be before I saw them again.  Two weeks was like a turtle crawling across the road.  Now two weeks is like a rabbit hopping quickly through a field. When I was about 6 years old  I remember sitting in a rocking chair with my uncle who had turned 5o that day.  In my thoughts he was so old, but nowadays 50 is so young.  I even remember when 70 was old.  But no more.  It’s getting younger all the time!  When I was a freshman in high school I couldn’t even imagine ever being a senior.  4 years was a very long time off.  Now that I look back it was like a vapor. Gone so quickly.

Time really does seem to get faster as we get older.  I suppose it’s a perception thing.  As older adults we have a bigger window of  time  to think about.  Youth is like going up a roller coaster slowly making it to the top.  The anticipation of what’s going to happen is so exciting. Then at about 40 years old, zoom!  It quickly goes down the hill. Faster, faster, and faster.

It seems like it took my children a long time to grow up.  But my grandchildren have grown up quicker.  They still went from 0-18 years old, but so much faster the time has gone with them growing up.  They say time waits for no one and that is true.  But I wish it wasn’t .  I wish time could be like it used to be just creeping instead of running.  But time marches on.  Yes, as I age I can understand that life I like a vapor.  Here only for a moment.

Here are some interesting statements from the Holy Bible pertaining to time.

  • James 4:14 What is your life?  You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.
  • Psalm 89:47 Remember how fleeting is my life.

As I age I understand more the meanings of these verses.

Here is an interesting quote I found

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. ~Michael Altshule


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I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on time and how it quickly passes by.  Until next time.  Bye.

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