Jungle Cruise on Lake Cumberland

IMG_5465When our kids and grandkids were toddlers we would take our

boat on what we called a jungle cruise to Greasy Creek on Lake

Cumberland in Kentucky.  To find the creek you need to take

your boat to Jamestown Marina.  Turn into the first branch on the

right just past the marina.  This is where our jungle cruise  begins.

There you can see gorgeous tall cliffs topped with trees and vegetation.


Sometimes you will see a small water falls trickling down as in the above picture.

If you turn off your boat you will probably see lots of birds and fish jumping

out of the glistening water.  When the kids were young there were no houses, but

now there are lots of beautiful homes with huge  windows where the owners can

look out and view the beautiful, large Lake Cumberland.

While on the jungle cruise my husband and I would pretend that Indians lived

on the cliffs as we did our war hoops and would make a big deal out of the

imaginary Indians we would see.

To this day we still travel to Greasy Creek and when we do it is called a jungle

cruise.  Towards the end of Greasy Creek you will observe three bridges .  First

you come upon the original US 127 bridge with an occasional car passing as you

ride under it.  If you look closely under the edges of this decades old bridge you’ll

see several mud looking holes that look like large mud dauber nests.  We saw

adorable yellow birds(maybe yellow finches) flying in and out of them.  I’m sorry

I didn’t get a picture of them to share.  We aren’t sure they built the nest or some

other animal.IMG_5459

Travel on down and you come upon another old US bridge.  Keep moving

down the stream and you will see the new US 127 bridge.  Under these bridges is

a good place to stop and eat your picnic lunch, and you will see lots of names and

graffiti that I find quite interesting to read.  The reflections of the trees and sky is

just beautiful.

Keep going and when you come to the end you’ll see rippling water cascading

down layers of rock.  If you park your boat and get out to walk around the rocks be

careful because they can be slick and we have seen snakes around the area.  I guess

they love  the area as much as we do.IMG_5457

You can only see these falls in the spring when the water is up.  For several years

when the dam was being repaired you couldn’t even get to where the first bridge is.

I hope some day you will enjoy this “jungle cruise” with your family on lovely

Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.


Mrs. BIMG_5464_edited-2https://youtu.be/5dYAurSNG24  check out this short video of the aerial view of Greasy Creek.  This video

was taken before the damn repair was completed.  During the damn repairs the water was

too low for boats to get up that far into the creek.   That’s why the water

looks so trashy in the video.  Hope you enjoy!

Ahoy, Mate!



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