Is This Your’n?

is this_edited*Teachers have lots of funny things that happen in their  classrooms. Here is one of the funny teacher stories I’ve heard throughout my career.  The incident happened to a fifth grade teacher who I worked with at an elementary school in Kentucky.


Several fifth grade boys were in the restroom playing around when the teacher told them she was coming in.  She waited a few seconds .  When she peeked in there was water in the floor.

She asked the boys in her teacher voice, “Is that urine?’  Evidently she thought someone had peed in the floor.  One of the boys responded, “No , it’s not mine.”  She repeated in a louder voice, “Is that urine?”

Again, he answered, “No, Mrs. D.,  I swear it’s not mine!”  She asked the question again still getting the same response.  In her disgust she shouted ,  “Is it pee?”  I figure that young guy finally figured out the meaning of  ‘urine’.

As adults we often forget that many terms we use are over our kids’ heads.  This scenario reminded me of a time when I was a kid when I passed out.  Mom took me to the doctor and he asked me if I urinated on myself when I fainted.  I was dumbfounded.  I had no idea what urinated meant.  Mom rescued me and asked if I had peed on myself.  The moral to the story is….Parents, teach your kids the official word for pee.  It is not number 1 or pee.  It is urine.

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Mrs. B.


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