Happiness is……

Back in the 60’s was when the happy face came into existence.  happy faceThe hippies of the day thought they could change the world with free love and flower power. There also was a fad where people wrote the phrase “Happiness is…” and filled in the last part.  Phrases like “Happiness is a vacation” or “Happiness is Love”. Well here it is summer of 2016  and the hippies didn’t solve the world’s problems.  Even though our problems seem to have gotten worse there are still many things that make us happy.  Here is my summer happiness list.


  1. Happiness is riding in a convertible with the top down on a hot summer day.converible


2.  Happiness is coming in to air conditioning after working outside.


3.  Happiness is sitting around an evening campfire roasting marshmallows.marshmallows


4.  Happiness is your significant other cooking steaks on the grill when you’ve had a rough day.steak on grill


5.  Happiness is relaxing under a shade tree drinking an ice cold drink.

6.  Happiness is taking a long ride in your boat at the lake.




7.   Happiness is a visit from a long distant friend or relative.

8.  Happiness is the anticipation of the harvest from your garden.        harvest

9.  Happiness is looking at the night sky in a search of the big and little dippers.

10.  Happiness is a hug from a child after they have scored the winning run.

11.  Happiness is a walk in the evening after it has finally cooled off.

12.  Happiness is the sound of frogs croaking outside.         frog

13.  Happiness is watching little children catch lightening bugs.

14.  Happiness is a short ride to the ice cream shop.

15.  Happiness is living in Kentucky where grass is green and horses and cows graze in the fields.  horses and cows


I could go on and on about what happiness is to me.  But you would probably get bored and quit reading it.  If you have some special “Happiness is…” thoughts feel free to share below in the comment section.  I would love to hear from you.   Until next time,  Be happy, don’t worry.



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