Grand Geodes


grand geode

In the mid 50’s I remember my older cousin, my brother, and I started a rock collection at my grandparents farm.  Every Wednesday our mothers would go to grandma and granddaddy’s house to clean and just to visit with their sisters.  At least 4 of the sisters would usually be there.  In the summer many of us cousins would be there too.   Most days we would play outside all day in the barn, at the creek, in the chicken house, or just running through the fields of daisies.  Today I remembered  a time when we started a rock collection.  We didn’t have any trouble finding rocks in the plowed fields and gravel driveway.  Down to the creek we walked where we found more interesting rocks.  Some of the geodes we found we hit with a hammer and broke into smaller pieces.  We loved looking at the shiny quartz bits.  Cleaning and scrubbing the rocks we tried to make them as shiny as possible.  Throughout the next week we searched for boxes to store our discoveries in.  Then when Wednesday came around again we  put the little rocks in old match boxes we had found and the bigger ones in old watch boxes or shoe boxes.  Trying to categorize the rocks was challenging for us, but we tried to the best of our knowledge.

Today, probably 60 years later,  I visited my aunt who now owns my grandparents’ farm.  One of my cousins,  my older cousin’s widow, and his granddaughter, and my aunt’s great-granddaughter were there, too.  The granddaughter and great-granddaughter who are like 3rd cousins had just met each other, but they hit it off immediately.   They decided to  ride on my uncle’s 4 wheeler to the creek.  Guess what they found?  Geodes.  They brought them back to the house in the back of the 4 wheeler and guess what they did?  Washed, scrubbed,and cleaned them just like we cousins did many years before them.  Thank God some things about life don’t change.  Maybe the people are different , the mode of transportation is different, but the activity is very much the same.  And what did these two distant cousins do that we didn’t do?  They broke one of the geodes into 2 pieces and decided that 1 piece would go home with one and the other piece with the other so they wouldn’t forget each other.  One lives in Northern Kentucky and one here in Central Kentucky.

We didn’t do that way back when I was a kid, but you know what?  I never forgot my cousins and the excitement we had over that rock collection.  My cousin and my brother have passed away but I’ll never forget the little things we did at Grandma and Granddaddy’s farm.   Precious memories of childhood that I wish had lasted a little longer.


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