Deer Season for This Lady

Deer Season in Kentucky

Deer hunting season

Back when I was still teaching my daughter and her husband were living with us while they were building a new house. It was fall, and deer hunting season was upon us.

On that crisp fall morning I was finished getting ready for school except for spraying my hair.  I noticed  on the bathroom sink an old white bottle that had the label partially worn off.  Even though it looked like it had been around for awhile I figured I’d use it to spray my hair.

At school when I finally had time to go to the rest room I noticed my hair looked bad…rather flat.  I didn’t have time to comb it.  Teachers just don’t have time at school to take care of such things.  After I got home I looked at myself in the mirror.   I said to myself,  “That hairspray is terrible.  It just didn’t do its job.”  So into the trash it went.

Later that night my son-in-law came in and asked if I’d seen a white spray bottle.  He said it contained his deer attractant spray that he sprays on his clothing so he’ll smell like a deer.  Needless to say I had that deer in the headlights look in my eyes.


Deer caught in headlights while crossing rural road

Yes, I had sprayed my hair with deer attractant spray.  No wonder it fell flat!  Thank goodness a deer didn’t come crashing through one of the school windows to get close to me.  Also my son-in-law was relieved that the trash with the white spray bottle hadn’t been taken to the dump yet.

So now you know my only experience related to deer hunting season.  No one living in Kentucky will find me hunting Bambi or her relatives.  Yes, I always think of Bambi when deer hunting season comes around.

I always think of Bambi during hunting season

The moral to the story is always be careful when using hair spray during deer hunting season.


I hope you enjoyed reading my one and only deer hunting experience.  Do any of you lady readers have any stories to share about deer hunting?

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