Christmas Lights


Viewing Christmas lights is one of our family’s favorite Christmas customs. Ever since I can remember one night before Christmas we rode through the town looking for the prettiest display of lights and Christmas scenes.

Things sure have gotten a lot more high tech since I was a kid.  Back then you would  see shiny tinsel and the big multi colored bulbs on trees.

The silver tinsel was a must on the 50’s Christmas tree. Whether to carefully place it on the tree or just throw it on was just a matter of preference.

It was a big deal to see the multi colored bulbs lining the roof line of a house.

As a child I was also fascinated by the bubble lights. 


Occasionally you would see a manger scene in a yard or a live one at a church.  I still remember where the house was that always had a Santa and a sleigh out front. I’ll never forget Daddy pretending he saw Santa in the sky on his sled.  But for some reason I was always too late to see him and his reindeer.  What precious memories he made for my brother and me!

Later all blue lights and candles in the windows became popular.  After that the popularity of all white lights increased.  Then the small lights were invented. Next came the blow up Christmas decorations ranging from snowmen to elves to Snoopy to Mr. Grinch.  Icicle lights were invented next. Then LED lights made the Christmas decorations brighter.  Now we are seeing the projection lights that may show up as  snowflakes, stars, etc. on the house or trees.  Yes, today we have so many choices when decorating our homes it can make your head spin.  Warm or cool white lights, green or brown cords,  multi colors or one color, and the list goes on and on.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s we would just drive around town to view the Christmas lights.  With my kids and grandkids we would travel to Lexington to see the “rich” people’s decorations, or to Burnside Island, or the lights at the Horse Park.

On Chinoe in Lexington

Even though the grandkids are grown up we still make the yearly trek to see beautiful displays of Christmas lights.  Lately we have driven to Raywick to view Ruley’s Farm decorations where there are over 4 acres of beautiful displays .

Inside there are Christmas houses, trains, and Santas to view.


Mr. Ruley passed away recently, but I’ve heard his children are continuing the spectacular light displays and collections for viewing.  Soon my kids, grandkids, and I will make that trip to Raywick in honor of his memory.  It will also be a time for our Christmas tradition of viewing the Christmas lights. Watch this video of him and his displays.  I’m sure it will make you want to take the backroads to see the Ruley’s farm.  Hopefully it will be decorated as much as when Mr. Ruley was alive.


What fun memories these nighttime drives have made.   Thank you, Mr. Ruley, Daddy, and all those who helped to make these wonderful Christmas memories.  Hopefully these memories and traditions will carry on to future generations.



I encourage you to go for a drive to see Christmas lights with your family.  Christmas traditions are fun and important to both children and adults.  Merry Christmas ,  from Mrs. B.

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