May 1


May 1st Already

Can you believe it is May 1st already?

It is May Day.  I always think of attending my younger cousin’s May Pole dance when May 1 rolls around.  She was in 1st grade .  I was a little jealous that we didn’t have this celebration at my school.  I’m also reminded of one of my other cousin’s son birthday on that day.

May 1st means that the year is already 1/3 over.  Time flies when you’re having fun.  I ‘ve had a great first 4 months of the year.   Here’s why my year is going by so fast.

First of all, in January we went on a cruise to the Panama Canal with friends and family.  This was a magnificent experience as we toured areas of Central America and South America.

February seemed to fly by as we spent time in Florida enjoying the beautiful weather, working on our place, and viewing the ocean and its wildlife.  We had great times with some good friends.  I mustn’t forget to tell you that I shopped till I dropped.   Yes, Florida is a great place to shop consignment shops and retail stores.

March was split between Florida and Our Old Kentucky Home.  I sure do adore the green, green grass of home.  Florida weather and the ocean are beautiful, but their grass is nothing compared to the grass in Kentucky.

April was a fun time with visiting family at Easter and planning our garden.  Flowers were planted and the weather was warmer than usual in Kentucky.  No frost yet on our plants.  Daddy always said not to plant flowers, tomatoes, or corn before Derby Day.  But this year has been different.

Amazingly here it is May 1st.  Surprisingly the year is 1/3 gone.  It sure is true that time flies when you’re having fun!   Now onto more fun throughout the rest of the spring and summer.  I’m anticipating the Kentucky Derby party at my cousin’s place in Louisville.  Also Mother’s Day with family and going to Lake Cumberland.  Hopefully we will be selling my late Mom’s house.

Wow!  What a year so far!  Thankful for every blessing the Lord has sent down.  Good health, great family, and fun times.  What else could a person ask for?  Of course, there have been a few struggles, but many more good things than bad.

Be thankful for what you have!  Anticipate a good future.  As my yard flag says,  “MAKE TODAY AMAZING” .

So long until next time.

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Travel More, Share More, and Love More

It is hard to believe a new year has rolled around.  2016 went by faster than all the others for me.  Yes, my life seems like a snowball rolling down hill getting faster and faster.  As time rolls by more and more experiences and memories are picked up making this snowball bigger and bigger.

Let’s make 2017 a year that is even better than last year.  Travel more, share more, and love more is going to be my motto.  My plans are to travel to Florida, Panama Canal, Lake Cumberland, South America, and New England.  Who knows where else???



Lake Cumberland




Cartagena, Columbia



Panama Canal







Key West February 2016



I’m going to share more with my church, family,  and favorite charities.

Parksville Baptist Church










Not sure if I can love my family more, but I choose to love my neighbors, friends, and even strangers more.  I want to be more caring and compassionate to all the people I come into contact with.

Life is short and fast.  So I plan on making every minute count.  How about you?

Happy New Year to all my readers!

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Autumn Colors in Central Kentucky

Do you appreciate the natural beauty that we have here in Central Kentucky?  Just take a drive through the countryside to view the gorgeous shades of orange, yellow, and red during this fall season.  Take a look at my pictures, and you can see it isn’t necessary to go to New England or Gatlinburg to see beautiful fall landscapes.  (The pictures won’t fully display on your phone.  I made them large so you could see the beauty of the area.)

While driving around our beautiful area of Kentucky I took the pictures for these two slide shows.  The first one is from all over the county, while the second one is from the Forkland area.  There are also pictures from the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge.

Don’t you agree that the nature painted landscapes in central Kentucky are lovely?  We need to be thankful for our natural resources in our environment.  Not only do they give us the beauty of the fall colors, but the trees give us oxygen, wood for heat, and homes to the wildlife.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I know I enjoy living in Kentucky.

These pictures are taken in the Forkland area, including the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge.

I hope you take time to visit the Central Ky Wildlife Refuge this fall.  There you can experience the peace and quiet of this natural area with its trees and wildlife.  I ‘m so thankful that we have this  place nearby where our environment is protected from urban sprawl.  To live in such a beautiful area of the USA where I can take a relaxing drive through the countryside is a blessing.

I love living in Kentucky!

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Another Deer Season Story

Even though I dislike deer hunting season I have another deer story for you.  This story happened to a friend of my husband, and it is too good not to be shared.

His friend, I’ll call Jim, went deer hunting for the first time with two of his friends who were experienced deer hunters.  He loaded up his gun and found a place in the woods.


After sitting quietly for what seemed like hours he saw a glimpse of something moving.  Behind a pile of brush he could see the head of a deer with a fairly good set of antlers.  He fired his gun, but the deer disappeared.  He thought,  “Darn, I missed.  It ran off into the woods.”deer-in-grass

Disappointed he resumed his hunting position to wait for another deer to pass by.  Soon he saw another deer.  He raised his gun, aimed, and fired.  To his dismay, again the deer disappeared from sight.  Again, he decided the deer had been frightened and had run quickly farther into the woods.

deer-muleGetting more and more frustrated he settled back into his waiting place.  Jim thought to himself,  “This will be the last time I’ll go deer hunting.  I can’t hit anything.”

deer-3Impatiently Jim waited.  Surprisingly another deer popped up near where he had sighted the last two.  He figured third time would be the charm.  Carefully he raised his gun and aimed.  The gun fired, but again the deer disappeared.

Jim gave up and declared deer hunting wasn’t for him.  He came to the conclusion that he was a bad shot.  He packed up his belongings and proceeded to walk back to the truck.

He had to walk past the thicket where he had missed the three deer.  He glanced to the spot where the deer had been seen.  To his surprise he saw something he could barely believe.  Not one deer, not two deer.  But three deer!  Yes, this first time hunter had shot and killed three deer!

One deer is legal.  But, it is against the law to kill 2 or 3.  What’s a person to do?  When his two buddies caught up with him they decided that each of them would claim a deer.

deer-threeNeedless to say the guys had enough deer meat to last them all year.  Jim said he had enough of deer hunting.  As far as I know he has not been again.
That’s it for my deer stories.  I hope you enjoyed.

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Deer Season for This Lady

Deer Season in Kentucky

Deer hunting season

Back when I was still teaching my daughter and her husband were living with us while they were building a new house. It was fall, and deer hunting season was upon us.

On that crisp fall morning I was finished getting ready for school except for spraying my hair.  I noticed  on the bathroom sink an old white bottle that had the label partially worn off.  Even though it looked like it had been around for awhile I figured I’d use it to spray my hair.

At school when I finally had time to go to the rest room I noticed my hair looked bad…rather flat.  I didn’t have time to comb it.  Teachers just don’t have time at school to take care of such things.  After I got home I looked at myself in the mirror.   I said to myself,  “That hairspray is terrible.  It just didn’t do its job.”  So into the trash it went.

Later that night my son-in-law came in and asked if I’d seen a white spray bottle.  He said it contained his deer attractant spray that he sprays on his clothing so he’ll smell like a deer.  Needless to say I had that deer in the headlights look in my eyes.


Deer caught in headlights while crossing rural road

Yes, I had sprayed my hair with deer attractant spray.  No wonder it fell flat!  Thank goodness a deer didn’t come crashing through one of the school windows to get close to me.  Also my son-in-law was relieved that the trash with the white spray bottle hadn’t been taken to the dump yet.

So now you know my only experience related to deer hunting season.  No one living in Kentucky will find me hunting Bambi or her relatives.  Yes, I always think of Bambi when deer hunting season comes around.

I always think of Bambi during hunting season

The moral to the story is always be careful when using hair spray during deer hunting season.


I hope you enjoyed reading my one and only deer hunting experience.  Do any of you lady readers have any stories to share about deer hunting?

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Pictures from my blog

happy life
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Summer to Fall in Kentucky

What happened to my favorite season?  Where did the summer go?  It seemed to fly right past me so fast I barely got to enjoy it.  I’ll miss Lake Cumberland, sunny days, and my lake friends, but it’s ok because I love fall too.  Read on to find out what is special about fall, my second favorite season.

Football has already begun.  I love the excitement in the air when I’m sitting outside on the home team bleachers.  The passing game is what I enjoy the most.  Those hail Mary passes get my blood pumping.  fireworksI love the fireworks when my home team makes a touchdown.  The camaraderie you have with the people sitting near you is immense  when cheering your team on to a victory. football Homecoming is a time when many classes have their class reunions. To see old friends at these games is another added treat.

Another thing I love about fall is the beauty of the fall colors in nature.  The trees in the knobs of Kentucky turning to yellows, oranges, and reds are like a colorful painting.

The chill in the air and the sight of those knobs make the end of summer less painful.  Riding on a winding country road or four wheeling over the country hills looking at the beautiful trees are things I enjoy doing during the fall months.

Fall in Kentucky

Fall in Kentucky

Walking through those colorful leaves and hearing the crunching sound beneath my feet are things I love, too.

Almost every community in Kentucky has some type of fall festival.  The smell of kettle corn, fried apple pies, and barbecue drift through the air at these fall festivals.  Enhancing the atmosphere at these events is often the sound of guitars or fiddles coming from a local band.  The crafts created by the locals peak your interest.  You may see anything from redneck windchimes to painted pumpkins to hand carved wood items.  You’ll probably see beauty and baby contests, as well as cloggers and line dancers.  Antiques or junk sometimes is even sold at these festivals.

Forkland Festival

When fall and cooler weather comes around I look forward to fixing chili, vegetable soup, and hot apple cider.  And the pumpkin desserts!  My favorite is not pumpkin pie, but it is pumpkin carrot cake.  At this time I have 21 pumpkin dessert recipes on my autumn  pinterest pages.  Check them out and let me know how you like them.

indian cornI love Indian corn, pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, and scarecrows.  It’s fun to make new fall floral arrangements and wreaths.  The smell of fall potpourri and scented candles activate the senses.  I love putka pods and sunflowers. My favorite scented candles are McCall’s Spiced Pearspiced-pear-26oz-mccall-s-classic-jar-candle-12 and Candleberry’s Hot Maple Toddy.  Kentucky Bourbon is also a fragrant candle from Candleberry.  You can find this signPinterest_131177251196669545 and more fall décor at

Now that I’ve written about all the things that make fall special to me I don’t believe I’ll miss summer as much as I had thought.  Who has time to think about a past season when you can keep busy right into fall?  Hope you enjoyed reading about what I love about fall and living in Kentucky.  Add some of your thoughts about fall in Kentucky if you’d like.  Until next time…. Have a good day from Mrs. B.

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School in the 50’s-60’s

My elementary school was three stories.  The floors were wood and were oiled to keep the dust down. It definitely was a fire trap.

Until I was in eighth grade my school contained classes from grades 1-12

The teachers wrote on chalk boards and it was an honor to be the student who got to go outside and dust the erasers on the old oak tree.

The school now is all on one floor.  The floors are tile with a few rugs the teachers have bought themselves.

Elementary schools now are pre-school to 5th grade.  Middle school 6-8th grades and high school 9-12 grades


Now teachers write on white boards with dry erase markers or smart boards with electronic pens.

Our school was heated by a coal furnace which produced steam heat.  We had no air conditioning.

Going into second grade was exciting because you began learning to write in cursive like grown-ups.

In first grade we learned how to count and write our numbers to 100.

Many schools today have geothermal heating and air conditioning.  In some schools you can’t even open the windows.

Now many educators see no need to teach cursive writing since everyone has access to computers.

Presently most first graders come in already knowing how to count and write to 100.

They are taught to add, subtract, and much more.

Fourth graders had to memorize the multiplication facts.

Fifth graders started on fractions.

Algebra was introduced as a freshman, and geometry as a sophomore.

Today both fourth and fifth graders can use calculators to do multiplication problems and they were introduced to fractions in kindergarten.

Kids in elementary school are introduced to simple Algebra and geometry terms.

The only extra curricular activities for girls were cheerleading, FHA, or Glee Club. No girls sports except high school track after the consolidation of the 3 high schools.

There were no African-Americans in my elementary school.  Segregation was still enforced.  In seventh grade one Hispanic family moved to town.  In ninth grade integration started and there were African-Americans in my high school.  A few students from Cuba were enrolled, too.

In reference to discipline the teacher and principal were always in the right.  The paddle was used.  For most students if they got a paddling at school, they got a whipping when they got home.  Writing lines was also a form of punishment. Class sizes were larger and no teachers had instructional assistants.  In fact the principal didn’t even have a secretary.  The smart girls in the school got to help him out during their study halls.



Now days girls can play basketball, softball, volleyball, track, and tennis.



Today in our schools we have a more diverse population.  It is common to share a classroom with African-Americans, Hispanic, and Asian students.


Now teachers use behavior charts and give awards for good behavior.  No paddling allowed.  The only punishment used in elementary schools is to walk laps for getting your clip moved down. Many don’t respect the schools’  authority,  and many parents blame the teacher for their child’s bad behavior or grades.

Since the consolidation of the high schools the principals have had secretaries.

If you lived within a 1/2 mile of the school you walked to school.  No parents walked with the kids and no crossing guards.  Most others rode the school bus.  Parents very seldom drove their kids to school.  Most mothers were stay-at-home moms, didn’t have an extra car, or couldn’t drive.

It was a big deal if a policeman showed up at school.  High school kids could smoke cigarettes out behind the school.  No other drugs were ever heard of in elementary or high school.  Boys brought knives to school and I don’t ever remember anyone getting stabbed or shot. No sex education until high school.

Old reel projector

In elementary school we only had books , paper and pencils, and a chalkboard.    When in high school  a new teacher sometimes showed old reel type movies in history class.  Other than that I don’t remember any kind of media used in the classroom.  I never remember working in a group in grade school.  I do remember a  group project  for a history class and working with a partner  in biology when dissecting animals.

Very seldom do you see a child walking to school.  The bus picks you up right in front of your house and when you get off waits until you get into the house.  Lots of parents drop their kids off at the front door of the school and pick them up.  There are after school day cares to care for the children of moms who work outside of the home.

Students, teachers, and parents aren’t allowed to smoke on school grounds.  We have in school policemen.  There have been many school shootings reported throughout the nation.   Sex and drug education is part of the curriculum.

Presently teachers use the smart board to write or teach in all educational areas.  The chrome books are a huge part of a student’s education.   Use of the internet has caused the use of encyclopedias  to be a thing of the past.   Group work is common  in classrooms today.


In the 50’s and  60’s special needs children didn’t go to public schools.  Blind and deaf students went to their own schools(KSB & KSD).  ksd ksb_editedSeriously handicapped students just didn’t go to school.    I think this changed about 1963.

Each day the teachers chose 2 students to say prayers and read from the bible daily during the noon announcements when I was in elementary schools. prayer                                But now prayer has to be initiated by the students.

From 3-8th grade students were allowed to walk home for lunch or walk downtown to a local restaurant.  Some piano students even walked to their piano instructors house for their piano lessons during school hours.  There was no supervision during these times.   Before consolidation  the entire school had recess at about the same time.  Yes, from high schoolers to first graders would be out on the playground.

Teachers just taught what was in the text book.  Individual work was done.  No group learning was done in elementary schools.  We had very few academic group sessons in high school.  There was nothing such as common core then.  Standardized tests were given, but they were not published by the media.   Much less stress was put on teachers and students to raise scores.

In my opinion the school systems do a better job now in most areas, but there are a few things that were better in the 50’s and 60’s.  I’ll let you be your own judge on what is better and what is not.  I’m open for comments about what you think is better or worse now.

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A Day on Lake Cumberland

Since summer officially closes after Labor Day I thought I’d post this short video of a trip down the beautiful Lake Cumberland in southern Kentucky.  It features the area between Alligator Creek(Russell County) and Little Falls(Wayne County).  Little Falls is a beautiful area where you can climb up the falls and jump off nearby cliffs.  If you are interested in visiting this picturesque falls it is at Latitude and Longitude N3680605  W85026437.  Navigate to Otter Creek and go to the right around the peninsula.  Go between the first two islands.  The no wake buoys will be visible when you get close.  Now enjoy a trip with me in this video.


Facts about Lake Cumberland

The following information was found at

“Its 1,255 miles of shoreline make Lake Cumberland the largest manmade lake in the world in terms of miles of shoreline.  It is surrounded by scenic rugged mountains.  With an average water depth of 90 feet, it is one of the deepest of the lakes in the Tennessee and Cumberland River valleys.  It is brimful of lively fish and rimmed by scores of coves and hollows.  The surrounding tree covered mountains protect it from the worst weather.  Lake Cumberland has made Kentucky’s Southern Cumberland Mountains the ideal vacation region for all of mid America.”



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Mrs. B.

Living in Kentucky

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The Mighty Dollar

To you men out there I know you wonder why women like to shop so much.  Well, you see, it’s like hunting is to you men.  You know the excitement you feel when you see that big buck out in the woods?  Well , we women get our rush out of finding a bargain.  Are you with me on this, ladies?  One of my favorite stores in Kentucky is called The MightyDollar where everything is only one dollar.  I hate to admit it, but I get excited when I can go shopping there.  Locations I know of are in Somerset and Jamestown.

If you go you can find some great deals on beauty items, household, craft supplies, paper goods, etc.  I’ve gotten good hair brushes, combs, and headbands in the beauty department.  Colorful utensils,  plastic ware,  and a giant fly swat are a few things I have gotten in the household aisles.    napkins

In the paper goods section I have gotten some nice matching napkins and paper plates.  (I got the place mats at The Dollar Tree which is another great place to get interesting things for $1.00.)


The craft section is great for scrapbooking items.  scrapbookscrapbook2I’ve bought glue, paint, paper, and stickers.



Here I’ve shown some scrapbook pages I’ve recently made from the craft section.IMG_8371 (2)enjoy the beauty

You just never know what you’ll find at The Mighty Dollar.  A couple of years ago we found this umbrella hat. We sure have gotten more than a dollars worth fun out of this purchase.                  Umbrella hat


So if you go to Lake Cumberland or Cumberland Falls stop by The Mighty Dollar.  Man, woman, or child should find something that interests them.   If you go, let me know what great item you find.Yes, living in Kentucky is a good thing.  We have Bluegrass, Horses, Beautiful Lakes,  Knobs, Mountains, Rivers, Good People, and The Mighty Dollar Store.


Check back next time to read more about what it’s like living in Kentucky.



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Happiness is……

Back in the 60’s was when the happy face came into existence.  happy faceThe hippies of the day thought they could change the world with free love and flower power. There also was a fad where people wrote the phrase “Happiness is…” and filled in the last part.  Phrases like “Happiness is a vacation” or “Happiness is Love”. Well here it is summer of 2016  and the hippies didn’t solve the world’s problems.  Even though our problems seem to have gotten worse there are still many things that make us happy.  Here is my summer happiness list.


  1. Happiness is riding in a convertible with the top down on a hot summer day.converible


2.  Happiness is coming in to air conditioning after working outside.


3.  Happiness is sitting around an evening campfire roasting marshmallows.marshmallows


4.  Happiness is your significant other cooking steaks on the grill when you’ve had a rough day.steak on grill


5.  Happiness is relaxing under a shade tree drinking an ice cold drink.

6.  Happiness is taking a long ride in your boat at the lake.




7.   Happiness is a visit from a long distant friend or relative.

8.  Happiness is the anticipation of the harvest from your garden.        harvest

9.  Happiness is looking at the night sky in a search of the big and little dippers.

10.  Happiness is a hug from a child after they have scored the winning run.

11.  Happiness is a walk in the evening after it has finally cooled off.

12.  Happiness is the sound of frogs croaking outside.         frog

13.  Happiness is watching little children catch lightening bugs.

14.  Happiness is a short ride to the ice cream shop.

15.  Happiness is living in Kentucky where grass is green and horses and cows graze in the fields.  horses and cows


I could go on and on about what happiness is to me.  But you would probably get bored and quit reading it.  If you have some special “Happiness is…” thoughts feel free to share below in the comment section.  I would love to hear from you.   Until next time,  Be happy, don’t worry.


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