The Mighty Dollar

To you men out there I know you wonder why women like to shop so much.  Well, you see, it’s like hunting is to you men.  You know the excitement you feel when you see that big buck out in the woods?  Well , we women get our rush out of finding a bargain.  Are you with me on this, ladies?  One of my favorite stores in Kentucky is called The MightyDollar where everything is only one dollar.  I hate to admit it, but I get excited when I can go shopping there.  Locations I know of are in Somerset and Jamestown.

If you go you can find some great deals on beauty items, household, craft supplies, paper goods, etc.  I’ve gotten good hair brushes, combs, and headbands in the beauty department.  Colorful utensils,  plastic ware,  and a giant fly swat are a few things I have gotten in the household aisles.    napkins

In the paper goods section I have gotten some nice matching napkins and paper plates.  (I got the place mats at The Dollar Tree which is another great place to get interesting things for $1.00.)


The craft section is great for scrapbooking items.  scrapbookscrapbook2I’ve bought glue, paint, paper, and stickers.



Here I’ve shown some scrapbook pages I’ve recently made from the craft section.IMG_8371 (2)enjoy the beauty

You just never know what you’ll find at The Mighty Dollar.  A couple of years ago we found this umbrella hat. We sure have gotten more than a dollars worth fun out of this purchase.                  Umbrella hat


So if you go to Lake Cumberland or Cumberland Falls stop by The Mighty Dollar.  Man, woman, or child should find something that interests them.   If you go, let me know what great item you find.Yes, living in Kentucky is a good thing.  We have Bluegrass, Horses, Beautiful Lakes,  Knobs, Mountains, Rivers, Good People, and The Mighty Dollar Store.


Check back next time to read more about what it’s like living in Kentucky.



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Smiles Scrapbook Page


I shouldn’t have walked down the scrapbook paper aisle at Hobby Lobby. You see, I’m a sucker for buying scrapbook paper. My stash keeps getting bigger and bigger.  But, I saw this beautiful combination of purple and green that I just couldn’t resist.  My habit(addiction) of scrapbooking isn’t cheap, but it’s better than spending money on booze or drugs.  I guess it’s how I get my high.

I just had to buy this  great paper  since I loved, and it was 1/2 off.  Hobby Lobby always gets me with their 1/2 sales.  After all it just cost $1.25 plus tax.  So I came home excited to make a new scrapbook page.

As soon as I got home I searched through the images on my *Cricut Explore to find the perfect ones  for my new paper.  While I was in Florida recently at an HSN outlet I purchased an adapter to make my Cricut Explore wireless when using my iPad.  With it came a cartridge called Anne’s Flourish Cards and Embellishments.  That’s where I found the My Smiles quote and the frames to use for my new layout.

For the quote I used my gold Cricut Pen.


My layout is ready to add smiling pictures of my four grandchildren.  How do you like my new layout?


*About the Cricut Explore

Here’s a little overview about this awesome crafting machine called a Cricut Explore.  No, it’s not a machine looking for a certain kind of insect.  It is a cutting machine that will cut all kinds of shapes and images out of paper, card stock, vinyl, and even fabric.  From tiny images to images up to 24″ X 12″ can be cut.  You can even upload you own image and fonts.

There are all kinds of instructional videos on You Tube that could help you learn how to use the awesome machine.   If you have any questions about using the Cricut Explore feel free to ask me.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my scrapbooking hobby.  More to come later.?

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