Summer Lake Season Ends

We just completed our 44th year enjoying Lake Cumberland in southern Kentucky.  During all those summer weekends we have  spent many hours boating on this lake where the beauty of nature abounds.  Lake Cumberland has crappy, bass,  turtles, deer, blue herons, bald eagles, etc.  There even have been reported  bear sightings.  It has plenty of water, coves, forests, and interesting landscapes.  Some things have changed throughout the years, but lots of things remain the same.

Friends have come and gone.  Dickie, Gary, Paul, Dale, and Vickie have passed on.  What great memories of these five friends that we will never forget  were made while being at  Lake Cumberland!  Many of our friends moved on to different hobbies or activities.  But we still cherish those times we spent together with each and every one.   While some friends move on in their lives,  many newcomers have been welcomed to our lake family.  Our babies grew up on the lake, and now their babies are grown.  So much laughter and happy times.  No doubt our lake family will continue on as there were 7 new babies added this year.

More houses, campers,  and boat storages are along the stretch of road leading to the water.  When we first started coming to the lake there were few houses above the cliffs of the lake.  Today you see huge summer homes in many areas.  We remember when Jamestown Dock was just a small boating store with single boats scattered in the water tied to a tire.  The store sold a minimum amount of groceries and bait.   Lots more boats cruise the lake and many are much bigger than the boats 44 years ago.

Several boats idling through the Cut Through

We seldom have to stop and repair our boats like we did when we first started boating.  It seemed like every weekend someone had to be towed in, or their motor cover was up and the guys were working on the motor or prop.

Before cell phones we spent lots of time searching for our friends.  Now all we have to do to find them is send out a text.  We started out staying in a houseboat with friends.  We got a boat and slept on it beside the houseboat for a while.  Sometimes we roughed it in tents on islands.  Later we moved on to tents at the campground, and soon moved up to an old camper that fit on the back of a truck.  After about 10 years of roughing it we bought some land with an old mobile home on it.  Now we have a mobile home we bought new in 2010.  It is hard to believe we used to stay in a tent.

We still enjoy the same places like Little Falls, 76 Falls, , Battleship Island, Caney Creek, Copperhead Island, and The Mill.  As we’ve aged we don’t travel to these places as often as we did in the earlier days.  Seems like we spend a lot more time at the Swimming Hole and Governor’s Cove just shooting the bull while we are tied up.  The water still splashes in our faces when we hit a huge wave, and we love the sun shining down on the water making it glisten.   We still get caught out in the rain and picnic in the boat.  After all these years I still search for shapes of animals in the clouds.  I sure am glad that some things haven’t changed about our visits to Lake Cumberland.



I’m going to miss this place for the next eight months.  Come May 2018 we plan to be back on Lake Cumberland enjoying the sights and our friends and family.  Hopefully I will be able to once again enjoy my favorite part of the day….watching the evening skies.

      Watching the sun setting behind the hills.



So long ,  until next blog post.



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Granddaddy’s House

We sold Granddaddy’s house today.  This is where he lived for 37 years.  Also, several of his family lived there for a period of time.  Many memories come to mind as I think about this special house.  It is a bittersweet time in my life.

Southern Railway Employee Union Card from 1939


My grandfather was a railroader who lived in several places.  This is how he ended up in my home town.  Around 1940 he built this house.  The support beams are solid hardwood just like the solid values passed down from him to his children and grandchildren.

The Postcard Obituary for My Grandmother


Granddaddy’s first wife passed away when their youngest son, my dad, was only two years old.  He was a single father until Daddy was about 13.  He moved his newly formed family into this house with his new wife, her son, and Daddy.



I remember sitting around the fireplace with the burning embers glowing.  Mom told me that the local postmaster had formed the fireplace out of concrete.  While sitting around this fireplace Granddaddy would talk about politics, current events, and religion.  If he could see the state of our country now he would have a lot more serious issues to discuss.


My first recollection of this house is playing rock school with my cousin from Harlan and my brother on the front steps.  The lower step was 1st grade, second was 2nd grade, etc.  The teacher held a rock in one closed hand and the students had to guess which hand the rock was in.  If you picked the hand with the rock you advanced to the next grade.  If you were wrong you failed that grade.  Whomever got to the top step first became the teacher for the next year of “rock school”.

Daddy and my Uncle Notice there are 5 steps so we could go to 5th grade in our game.

Grandma’s Baby Grand Piano

I’ll never forget the old grand piano sitting in the living room where both Granddaddy and my step grandmother would play.  I practiced my piano lessons on that piano and now it is sitting in my living room.  The keys on the piano are now stuck, but I can’t bring it upon myself to get rid of it.  The piano tuner said it would cost more to fix than its value.  Well, that value is for other people, not me.


Grandma was not the cook my mom was.  Once for Thanksgiving dinner we were all passing the food around the table.  I took out the usual turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.  When the applesauce came around I thought it was gravy and put it on top of my mashed potatoes.  Oh, what funny memories come to mind when I think of that dining room and our many family dinners there.


Granddaddy and Grandma traveled a lot after they retired.  I remember playing with a little umbrella she brought back from one of her trips.  Needless to say I didn’t know that it was a little umbrella that went into a mixed drink.  They had lots of postcards and pictures from different places they had traveled.  I loved looking at them and wish I had saved the postcards.

After Granddaddy retired from the Southern Railway he bought a house in St. Petersburg, FL where he and Grandma spent the winters.  In 1965 our house burned so we moved temporarily into Granddaddy’s house.  This is where we were living when I had the first date with my husband.

In the small bathroom of this house is also where I almost died.  For heat in this room we used a space heater that was set in the narrow space between the tub and the sink.  As I was getting out of the tub I had one foot on the floor and one foot in the tub.  With my wet hands I touched the metal handle on top of the heater.  What a shock I got!  I felt it all the way through my body.  But God didn’t want me yet.  Thank you, God, for letting me live longer.  I quickly learned the danger of mixing water, electricity, and metal.




A few years later  my brother, his wife, and baby boy lived in Granddaddy’s house while Daddy built their house.  Soon after that Granddaddy passed away in Florida and Grandma died 7 months later.




The men socializing in the front yard under the shade of the maple trees.








That’s when Daddy remodeled the house and he and Mom moved into the house permanently.  Mom cooked on Sunday dinners when she really couldn’t afford it.  She cooked for a lot of different family and friends.  Many laughs and discussions were held around her dining room table. They lived there for the last 17 years of their marriage, and Mom continued living there for 20 years.




After my parents were gone we rented the house out for awhile.  Then my granddaughter lived there for two years and lastly my daughter and her family.  So you can see why I’m recalling a lot of things associated with Granddaddy’s house.  If you see me today I may be a little teary eyed and you will know why.   Thanks for reading about my memories of Granddaddy’s House.

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Choosing the Right Font for a Cricut or Silhouette Project

This post is for my readers who are crafters.

Whether you have a Silhouette or a Cricut  choosing the right font for a project can take a lot of time and cause  frustrations.    I recently found a webpage to help make reaching that decision faster and easier.

With this website all you have to do is type in a word. Then select the load fonts box. Amazingly the word is shown in all of the fonts that are loaded onto your computer.  (It won’t show you the Cricuts fonts that you have to buy through Design Space.)

Here are a small sampling of the fonts I have on my computer:

I typed out all of my fonts for the words “love my cricut” and to my surprise I had 9 pages of fonts.

This site has saved me so much time.  I love it and use it every time I make a project on my cricut.  All you have to do is click the following link…  The site is so easy to use.  Try it out and let me how you like it.

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Size 16 and Happy?!?&@*

My September ’16 issue of Style Watch magazine came in the mail today.  The following article made me think of how much pressure is on women to be like the ladies they see on television and in the movies that are a size 0-10.  Let’s face it.  Most of us ladies are size 14, 16, 18, or bigger. To my male readers,  please don’t make your woman feel bad about her body image.  I sincerely doubt if you are the same size you were when you first met.  Anyway, read the article and hopefully it will make you more satisfied with your weight.  I know it made me feel better.


Article from Style Watch Magazine September 2016

Now Ladies, don’t you feel better about yourself?

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