Cartegena, Columbia via Coral Princess

We traveled to Cartegena, Columbia via the Princess Coral cruise ship.   Through my photographs you will see a variety of architectural styles and lifestyles in this South American city.  While here we rode the Hop and Go Bus and saw expensive high rises, historic monuments, and beaches.

Hilton area

The area around the Hilton was the prettiest part of Cartegena.

The Beach

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas is a fortress in the city of Cartagena, Colombia.

Around Town

In parts of Cartegena you could see poverty.  For instance the trash was piled up near the light poles.   There was a variety of historic and modern  architecture.  My favorite was the balconies on the buildings in town.  Lots of statues and small parks were throughout the city.  The electrical wiring looked like a disaster waiting to happen.  The narrow streets with the small cars lined up in traffic jams were seen all over the town.  Lots of mopeds and bicycles were seen.  In a few places the ocean washed right up into the streets.

I hope you enjoyed my blog tour of Cartegena, Columbia.  Next  blog post will be Limon, Costa Rica.


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