Barns of Boyle County, Kentucky

IMG_4260-1 This barn and silo is on Stewart’s Lane near Junction City, KY.  It is on the Cloyd farm. Once I drove by and saw a buffalo on this farm.  They have cows, donkeys, and mules.



This barn is also on Stewart’s Lane.  It is a beautiful sight with the well manicured field and the knobs behind it.

IMG_4262 (1)-1



You can see a rainbow behind this red barn on Shelby Street in Junction City.



208737_1046593574542_644_n  A tobacco barn sits atop a hill at the end of Pumpkin Run Road.  Notice the tall narrow doors on the sides of the barn.  These would be open to let the tobacco get in case.


A barn star is fixed on this barn.  It is located on  the  Lovett/Walker farm on US 127 south of Danville.

eddie's barn starInside it has stalls for cows, horses, or pigs and a corn crib.


IMG_8286This small barn shows the owners’ patriotism and love of University of Kentucky.


IMG_8292_edited-1This black barn is close to the road on Crain School Road near Perryville.





Several red farm buildings can be seen in this picture from the former Cotton farm on Perryville Road.








IMG_8305_edited-1From Bluegrass Pike I could see this interesting barn.


IMG_5553Horses and the workers live in this huge

horse barn on the Clark Stables farm.  It sits atop a small hill overlooking  Highway 127 just  south of Danville.  The landscaping around this barn help make it one of the prettiest barns in Boyle County.


The Jackson family owns this farm.  Corn is the main crop raised on this farm.  Notice the beautiful black fence alongside the road.



I hope you enjoyed my little mini tour of some of the barns in Boyle County.  There are many more that I may photograph in the future and post.  One of these days I ‘m going to make a post about the barn quilts in this county.  Be on the lookout for that future post.  Talk to you again soon.


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