Barn Quilts

When I had my store Kuntry Bunkins up and running I made barn quilts for several people.  The ones I made were 4′ X 4′ or 2′ X 2′.

The board I used was called marine board plywood and came in 8′ X 4′ pieces that I  would have  cut into half or fourths.  Most of the ones you see on big barns are made of  two  8′ X 4’s to make an 8′ X 8′ barn quilt. Since  I didn’t have room in my shop to make ones that large I just

stuck with the 2 smaller sizes.

First I painted two coats of exterior paint on the front, back, and edges of the board.    This would end up being the color of the seams

(between the colors in the design).  Does that make sense?  Finding the design to use was time consuming because there are so many

interesting designs to choose from.  I printed  the design from the computer or just drew it out myself on graph paper.

The design on the board was made by using painters tape that was no more than 1 ” wide.  For me, this was the hardest part.

Painting the design the customer or I wanted was the fun part.  When finished with two coats of paint remove the tape and like magic you had a beautiful patchwork design.  Well, not exactly,  you had to do touch up where the paint seeped through the tape.  This was tedious

work.  I didn’t seal them, but you could because I thought the weathering would make them look rustic.

Pinterest_131105804951845756On this red and gold one I used a permanent marker to color in the black lines to separate the colors.moravian star



As you can see I used a different type of board on this barn quilt.  I like the look,

but it made the job a lot harder.  I think this board is

bead board.  Not sure how it held up outside or if whoever bought it put it outside.


Pinterest_131105803284687754  These first three barn quilts  are variations of  the Lemoyne star pattern.


Pinterest_131105804642702681                                               This barn quilt is a variation of the Ohio Star block.   A stencil was used for the star in the center.


Make a barn quiltI liked the way this one looks 3 dimensional.  The pattern is another Lemoyne Star pattern, just painted in a different way.  To make the design on the green section I just used a q tip with paint on the end.  The dot in the middle was to cover up a mistake, but I like the way it looks like a button.


Barn Quilt made by Mrs. B

Barn Quilt made by Mrs. B



This barn quilt is a design I created myself.  I first divided the board into 36 squares with the tape.    To make the larger square in the center I just took some of the tape off before I started to paint the design.  In order to make the triangles  I added some tape  to the squares on the edges.

A stencil was used for the willow tree in the center.







Pinterest_131105803708045167Another Ohio Star block pattern.








I hope this helps you to understand how you can make yourself a barn quilt of your liking.  If you have questions about how I did these barn quilts please ask in the comment section below.

Have a good day. Mrs. B

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