Autumn Colors in Central Kentucky

Do you appreciate the natural beauty that we have here in Central Kentucky?  Just take a drive through the countryside to view the gorgeous shades of orange, yellow, and red during this fall season.  Take a look at my pictures, and you can see it isn’t necessary to go to New England or Gatlinburg to see beautiful fall landscapes.  (The pictures won’t fully display on your phone.  I made them large so you could see the beauty of the area.)

While driving around our beautiful area of Kentucky I took the pictures for these two slide shows.  The first one is from all over the county, while the second one is from the Forkland area.  There are also pictures from the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge.

Don’t you agree that the nature painted landscapes in central Kentucky are lovely?  We need to be thankful for our natural resources in our environment.  Not only do they give us the beauty of the fall colors, but the trees give us oxygen, wood for heat, and homes to the wildlife.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I know I enjoy living in Kentucky.

These pictures are taken in the Forkland area, including the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge.

I hope you take time to visit the Central Ky Wildlife Refuge this fall.  There you can experience the peace and quiet of this natural area with its trees and wildlife.  I ‘m so thankful that we have this  place nearby where our environment is protected from urban sprawl.  To live in such a beautiful area of the USA where I can take a relaxing drive through the countryside is a blessing.

I love living in Kentucky!


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