Aussie Words and Their Meanings

Through a Corvette and a love of automobiles we met our Australian friends.  They visit America once a year while we have visited them once.  We love their accent and they love our Kentucky brogue.   “You all” and “ain’t” are words not used often in their country.  Sometimes they use words that I don’t quite understand. This post is about some of their words they use and the meaning of them.  I thought you may think they are amusing.

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Which one is American? Which one is Australian

Friends or Mates all because of a Corvette

Most of you are familiar with this term meaning friend.  For example:  Hello, mate means hello, friend.

Dummy or Pacifier

A Dummy or Baby Pacifier

To us a dummy means  a representation or copy of something or a stupid person.  But in Australia it means a baby pacifier.

To Aussies this would be a mull plant

A mull plant in Australia would be called a marijuana plant in the states.


In the U.S. mull means to think it over.   But in AU mull means grass…the kind you smoke.

For us a shed is a small outbuilding.  For them a shed is a garage that is a separate building from your house.

This picture is Joey from Friends.  The other picture to Americans is a kangaroo.  In Australia it is often called a joey.

The Australians call French fries “chips”.  Very confusing when ordering in a restaurant in America.


Is this a torch or a flashlight?

In Australia it is called flashlighta torch.


Slippery Dip????

Slippery Dip????

For us it is sliding board, but they call it a slippery dip.




We call it a  mosquito.  They call it a mozzy.

Mosquito or Mossy?

Mosquito or Mozzy?




An esky is another name for a cooler.  I bet they got that from the word Eskimo.  What do you think?

Cooler or Esky

Cooler or Esky




Here you see an old Kentucky license plate and an Australian number plate from New South Wales.

Interestingly a dump is called a tip  down under.

Dump or Tip

Dump or Tip




Our friends call smoke from a jet sckyscrapera Skyscraper.




Try to guess what a bottle-o is.  Have you figured it out yet?


Liquor Store or Bottle-O

Liquor Store or Bottle-O



A bottle-o is the Australia term for a liquor store.





What in the world could a bubbler be?  My guess was a Jacuzzi or a soda.  But no.  That’s not it.

A bubbler is what the Australians call a water fountain.


Water fountain or Bubbler

Water fountain or Bubbler






Interestingly a dunny is a toilet.

A Dunny in Australia

A Dunny in Australia



Can you guess what they call swimming trunks in Australia?


Men's Swimming Trunks

Men’s Swimming Trunks are Boardies




Now here is the best of all.  There are two terms for Speedos.  You’ll never guess this one.





Dicker Stickers   




I hope you’ve enjoyed my post about how language is different in Australia and America.  We both speak English but with different accents and different terms for some things.  Check back later as I will add more as I hear them being spoken.  Have a good day.  Mrs. B.


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