Another Deer Season Story

Even though I dislike deer hunting season I have another deer story for you.  This story happened to a friend of my husband, and it is too good not to be shared.

His friend, I’ll call Jim, went deer hunting for the first time with two of his friends who were experienced deer hunters.  He loaded up his gun and found a place in the woods.


After sitting quietly for what seemed like hours he saw a glimpse of something moving.  Behind a pile of brush he could see the head of a deer with a fairly good set of antlers.  He fired his gun, but the deer disappeared.  He thought,  “Darn, I missed.  It ran off into the woods.”deer-in-grass

Disappointed he resumed his hunting position to wait for another deer to pass by.  Soon he saw another deer.  He raised his gun, aimed, and fired.  To his dismay, again the deer disappeared from sight.  Again, he decided the deer had been frightened and had run quickly farther into the woods.

deer-muleGetting more and more frustrated he settled back into his waiting place.  Jim thought to himself,  “This will be the last time I’ll go deer hunting.  I can’t hit anything.”

deer-3Impatiently Jim waited.  Surprisingly another deer popped up near where he had sighted the last two.  He figured third time would be the charm.  Carefully he raised his gun and aimed.  The gun fired, but again the deer disappeared.

Jim gave up and declared deer hunting wasn’t for him.  He came to the conclusion that he was a bad shot.  He packed up his belongings and proceeded to walk back to the truck.

He had to walk past the thicket where he had missed the three deer.  He glanced to the spot where the deer had been seen.  To his surprise he saw something he could barely believe.  Not one deer, not two deer.  But three deer!  Yes, this first time hunter had shot and killed three deer!

One deer is legal.  But, it is against the law to kill 2 or 3.  What’s a person to do?  When his two buddies caught up with him they decided that each of them would claim a deer.

deer-threeNeedless to say the guys had enough deer meat to last them all year.  Jim said he had enough of deer hunting.  As far as I know he has not been again.
That’s it for my deer stories.  I hope you enjoyed.


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