America, the Beautiful

What is more beautiful than America?

Nothing, except heaven.



First of all, we have freedom and a great military to protect that freedom. We can worship or not worship as we please.

A little church in the Tennessee mountains

A little church in the Tennessee mountains







Americans have the right to vote and choose their leaders. white house

We have the right to bear arms. It is possible to get an education or work in the field of your choice.

Our diverse land from mountains to plains, valleys to hills are all gorgeous. We have rivers, lakes, and streams that supply us with water, fish, and recreation.  IMG_0054

The majority of our citizens have abundant amounts of food and drink. We forget how fortunate we are to have, for the most part, smooth highways, good transportation,  and ample resources like coal, oil, and trees. We have magnificent canyons and rock formations. Taking care of our natural resources and the beauty of our land, towns, and cities should be every American’s priority. Loving our neighbors and helping them out in their time of need should be an important part of our daily lives.



Beautiful cities and great small towns are throughout these 50 states. There are factories, companies, universities, and hospitals in our cities to give us jobs. There is farm work, construction jobs, and service jobs near our small towns. So many opportunities we have in the good old USA are just taken for granted.
Let us not forget how wonderful this land of ours is on this fourth of July 2016.  Let us pray for America to stay strong against violence, terrorism, drugs, and sin. We need to continue to pray for strong leaders to guide our country and help it remain strong.pray for america.png






Taking care of our natural resources and the beauty of our land should be every American’s priority.
Yes, America is a beautiful land. I feel blessed to have been born here. What’s your feelings about living in our wonderful country, the good ole USA.?


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