A Tribute to Daddy

Twenty eight months after my father was born his mother passed away.

Before her death she was so ill that she stayed with her mother in

My grandmother Maggie

My grandmother Maggie

Tennessee while her husband worked on the railroad

in Kentucky.  While she was sick and after she died  a  young woman helped my grandfather

with the 4 children she left behind.

The four siblings left without a mother

The four siblings left without a mother

My grandfather remarried when Daddy was 13 and they moved to the small town where my

mother lived. While in high school he acquired the name “Star” since he was a star on his tiny high school

basketball team.        star 001_edited

It was there he met mom.  They got married when both were 19 while Daddy

served in the Navy during WWII.

About 1944

About 1944

After his Navy stint was over Daddy built several houses

around the small central KY town he lived in.  A son and daughter were born and he opened

a gas station/grocery store.  He worked from 7:30 a.m. till 7:30 p.m. most days.

Later after we left home he got his real estate license and worked in that field until he became

disabled from a heart attack and emphysema.  This is why I hate smoking.  His doctor smoked like

a freight train and never encouraged him to quit.  To this day I believe his death was caused

by him beginning to smoke at age 12 and the Camels he smoked that had no filters.  If my father

had any vices it was the smoking and playing the horses.

When he could get away from work

he would go to the horse races at Churchill Downs, Keeneland, River Downs, or Ellis Park.

He took Mom to Tampa every winter for 2 weeks so they could bet on horse racing at Tampa

Bay Downs.

Daddy loved the small Christian church that he attended whenever he could.  I

remember him counting how many people were in attendance each Sunday. You can view

a sampling of his handwritten records here.

Christian Church records

Christian Church records


Daddy was firm with my brother and me.  He never spanked me, but I knew he would if I

needed one.  He taught us to be honest, loyal, and to work hard.  He disliked a liar and

anyone who wouldn’t pay their bills.  Loving my mother and showing her the respect a man

should show a woman was one of his attributes.  He didn’t curse or run around with

women.  Daddy loved to tease and had such a sunny disposition.

He was a wonderful dad who I miss every day.  Here’s to you Daddy, I love you.  Thank you for loving your family


Love from your daughter aka Mrs. B



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  1. Yes, he loved that electronic chess game.

  2. Loved him so much! I will never forget watching him play chess very night❤️❤️❤️❤️

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