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The Book of Comfort

At my daughter’s late mother-in-law’s estate sale I found a book entitled The Book of Comfort by H. K. Suh.  While reading through it I got some ideas for blog posts that I hope will help my grandchildren become strong, successful, and compassionate adults.  I think their other grandmother would have approved.


Quote from The Book of Comfort

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.  by Les Brown

My grandchildren have all almost grown up.  I have a 22 year old, a 20 year old, an 18 year old, and a 15 year old.   Time has flown by and I have enjoyed every moment of their precious lives.

They have made me smile, laugh, and be proud.  As all grandparents I want what is best for my grandchildren.  The important things:  like happiness, contentment, and a clean Christian lifestyle.  I want them to have a career that will give them a satisfying life without money worries.  I want them to work and not be a burden upon society, but to be a good steward to the community, state, and country they live in.


Quote by John F. Kennedy

Quote by John F. Kennedy

Often I tell my grandchildren they can achieve anything they want.  That even small decisions can affect their future.  For example if I had chosen not to study for a test I may have failed the class.  This could have made me frustrated and quit college.  Then possibly I would have gotten a job I didn’t really enjoy.  If I hadn’t become a teacher I would probably still be working and not enjoying my retirement.  I could go on and on about how decisions I’ve made have affected my life.

Many times I have remembered this Bible scripture from Matthew 7:7 that I memorized as a child.  Ask, and it shall be given to you;  seek, and ye shall find;  knock, and it shall be opened unto you.  Yes, you have to work hard to shoot for the moon.  What you want isn’t just going to fall into your lap.  If you miss the moon, maybe another door will open and you will be with the stars as Les Brown has suggested in his quote.


Shoot for the Moon

Shoot for the Moon


Signing off with hope that someone reading this will never give up and keep on working hard for what they want out of their lives.  So long, until next time.  Mrs. B.


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