A Halloween Surprise!

spiderAt an elementary school in Kentucky where I taught learning disabled students Halloween was just around the corner.

5 male students were in my classroom, believe it or not,  quietly doing some seat work.  So I figured I would start cleaning

out a filing cabinet that was in dire need of organization.

I had worked about 5 minutes straightening and organizing the files when I stopped to help one of the boys with a

math problem.  I saw something black out of the corner of my eye and looked at the floor and saw a black blob which

looked like it had 8 long legs.  Yes, it was a spider.

Since it was so close to Halloween I just knew the boys were trying to scare me with one of those black plastic

spiders that you can buy for Halloween decorations.  “Oh, guys, you can’t scare me with a plastic spider!”  I laughed.

As soon as I said that I started to reach down to pick it up.  A scary thing happened.  It moved!  It was a real spider!

It was huge.  I screamed as the boys cracked up laughing.  I stomped it flat and made one of the boys put it in the trash

can.  I had disturbed it in the stacks of papers in the filing cabinet.    I’m sure those boys still remember Mrs. B and

how she wrongly accused them of trying to scare her with a black plastic spider.

Another surprising moment I had happened in that same room though with a different small group of students.

I had purchased a box of alphabet cereal for the students to practice spelling out their words.  When they had spelled the

word right with the ABC cereal they could eat their spelling word.  We did this once a week before the test.

It was time for us to start this activity so I walked over to the shelf where I kept the cereal.  I picked up the box and

guess what hopped out of the box?  A little gray mouse!  You should have heard me squeal.  I can’t remember where he

went or if we caught it.  But I do remember how fast my heart was racing.  The box of cereal got thrown away and from

then on I kept the cereal in tightly covered bowls.


Now, how did you like those two stories from my 28 year teaching career?

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