12 Country Music Singers from Kentucky


I am a huge country music fan and am especially proud to be born in Kentucky. 

If you’re like me and love country music and Kentucky you may want to know

more about these  12 country music singers who are natives to the Bluegrass. 

 I ‘m happy to say some still call Kentucky home.  Here they are with just a little

information I found from Wikipedia, You Tube,  Metro Lyrics, their home pages, and biographies


John Conlee

John Conlee

John Conlee was born in Versailles, KY on a tobacco farm in 1946.  He  has produced at least 32 country music hits and 11 albums.

The following are some of his hits:

  • Lady Lay Down
  • Got My Heart Set on You
  • Backside of Thirty
  • Common Man
  • Rose Colored Glasses




Loretta Lynn                       Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn was born in 1932 in Butcher Hollow near Van Lear, KY.  Her first hit was “I’m a Honky Tonk Girl”.

160 songs and 60 albums have been recorded by Lynn making her one of the most successful country music singers of all times.

Her personal story was made into the movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter” which is also the title of one of her greatest hits.

Other hits include

  • Don’t Come Home a Drinkin
  • You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man
  • Blue Kentucky Girl
  • Honky Tonk Girl


Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle  Crystal Gayle is the youngest sister of the famous Loretta Webb Lynn.

She was born in 1951 in Paintsville, KY and the only one of the Webb siblings to be born in a hospital.

Her given name was Brenda Gale Webb, but Loretta suggested Crystal after seeing a Krystal hamburger sign.*

Her best hits include:

If you want to know more you can go to *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal Gayle.




Patti loveless

Patti Loveless is a distant cousin of Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle according to Wikipedia.org.

She was born in Elkhorn City and later moved to Louisville.  She has produced 40 singles of which 5

went to #1 on the country charts.  She also sings bluegrass music.  Here are some of her hits that I especially like:


Tom T Hall


Tom T. Hall is a country music singer and songwriter from Olive Hill, KY.  Born in 1936 he has had a stellar career writing songs for many country artists and singing his own songs. The Storyteller became his nickname since his songs were stories.  Two examples of Tom’s song  writing are Itty Bitty for singer Alan Jackson and Harper Valley PTA for Jeannie Sue Riley.

He is an Army veteran turned D.J.  He moved to Nashville to write for other singers.   Some of the hits he wrote and sang are:



330px-The_Judds_promo_photo  The Judds

are a mother/daughter duo from Ashland, KY.  Naomi was born in 1946 while Wynonna was born in 1964.  Actress Ashley Judd is the daughter of Naomi and sister of Wynonna.  Because of Naomi’s divorce and her father’s death her mother, her, and her daughter moved to L.A in 1968.  There the three were on welfare.  In 1976 they moved back to Kentucky where Wynonna decided to take up singing and playing the guitar. Three years later they moved to Nashville. Together they have had 14 number one hits.   After Naomi was diagnosed with hepatitis C Wynonna went out on her own.  The following are some of the duos best country music hits.

  • Mama He’s Crazy
  • Grandpa (tell me bought the good ole days)
  • Why Not Me
  • Love Can Build a Bridge
  • Love’s Alive
  • No One Else on Earth(Wynonna’s solo)


Keith Whitley

Keith was born in 1954 and was raised in Sandy Hook, KY.  He played with Ralph

keith whitleyStanley and was good friends with Ricky Skaggs.

His wife Lori Morgan  wrote about their marriage and Keith’s death in the book Forever Yours, Faithfully.  He died tragically at the age of 34 from alcohol.  Who knows how great of a country music star he would have become.

My favorite Keith Whitley songs are below:


Ricky Skaggs

ricky Skaggs  was born in 1954 in Cordell, KY.  He started playing instruments at 5 years old.  He befriended Keith Whitley and they played together with Ralph Stanley.  He is married to Sharon White of The Whites singing group of which he has recorded songs with. Some of his hits include:

  • Crying My Heart Out Over You
  • Heartbroke
  • Highway 40 Blues
  • I Wouldn’t Change You If I Could
  • Honey(Open that Door)


Dwight Yoacum

DwightYoakamwas born in Pikeville, KY in 1956.  He is a singer, songwriter, and actor.  He has had 30+ singles and 21 albums.

He had a starring role in “Slingblade” with Billy Bob Thornton as well as other movies.





Billy Ray Cyrus brc

was born in Flatwoods, Kentucky in 1961.  He is known as a country music singer, actor, and father of Miley Cyrus.

He has recorded 12 albums and 44 singles his most popular being:

  • Achy Breaky Heart
  • Some Gave All
  • Could’ve Been Me
  • Someday, Somewhere, Somehow



John Michael Montgomery was born in Danville, KY in 1965.

john m m

He is a brother to Eddie Montgomery who is 1/2 of Montgomery Gentry.  John Michael has had 7 # hits

and produced at least 14 albums.  He and Eddie have a nephew, Dillon Carmichael, who is an up and coming songwriter and country singer.

John Michael’s hits include:

Montgomery Gentrymg band

Eddie Montgomery, brother to John Michael Montgomery, was born in 1963 in Danville, KY where he still resides. One of his songs,

Clouds,  was written about his young son who was killed in a car accident and his late father, Harold Montgomery.

Troy Gentry was born in Lexington, KY in 1967.  He attended University of KY and graduated from Lexington Community College.

My favorite song of theirs is My Town since it was filmed in my area.  My former store, Kuntry Bunkins, is briefly shown in one of the

scenes, and the producers used some local people in the video that I know.

Their top hits include:

  • My Town
  • Lucky Man
  • Gone
  • Something to Be Proud Of



Chris Stapleton  cris swas born in Lexington, KY and grew up near Paintsville, KY.  He has been a successful songwriter in Nashville with 6 #1 hits sung by famous country music singers. Chris recently has begun publishing songs he sings.  His wife Morgane Stapleton often sings backup with Chris.  Here are four great songs that have been on the billboard charts:



If you love living in Kentucky like I do, I’m sure you will enjoy listening to these Kentucky country music singers albums and cd’s.  You may want to check out The Kentucky Music Hall of Fame in order to find more musicians that hail from Kentucky.

If you know of any other famous Kentucky singers feel free to comment.




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