11 Things to Love About Kentucky in May

 11 Things to Love About Kentucky in May

ky blue heavy stroek      KENTUCKY

Recently I took a drive down some back roads of beautiful Central Kentucky.  The trees and grass were such a beautiful shade of green where there has been lots of spring rain.  Gently rolling hills and larger hills we call Knobs are part of the landscape.    The sky was blue with lots of puffy clouds .  Thank goodness I had my cellphone to take some pictures  to share with you some of the things that I love about springtime in Kentucky.  It was just one of those days where you just love everything about the countryside and the weather.  Hope you enjoy what makes me appreciate living in my home state.


  1.   Lazy coon dogs on the farm

coon dog


2.  Front porch swinging

front porch



3.  Looking for four leaf clovers and finally finding oneclover



4.   Cool breezes blowing through the grassbreeze



5. Cows cooling off in a pond cow



6. A winding country road  road


7.  Horses  with their newborn colts grazing in a field   IMG_5489-1_edited-1


8.  Roadside wildflowers  wildflowers_edited-1


9.  The sound of a running creekcreek



10.  The smell of old barns   old barn_edited-1


Pictures taken in Boyle County, Kentucky

May 2016

Hope you enjoyed my little picture tour of central Kentucky










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