10 Simple Joys

There have been many happy moments in my life.

Happy to be at Nana & Papaw's

Happy to be at Nana & Papaw’s

Here are 10 simple joys that I have experienced and am now sharing with you.  Some are from the times that I raised my 2 children to times that I have seen my grandchildren grow.  Some are from times spent with my husband.  Often it is just the little things that can make us happy.  I hope you have enjoyed these simple things too.


  1. The smell of baby lotion on a newborn.
  2. Fresh, soft cloth diapers right out of the dryer.
  3. The sight of little ones all tucked in their bed sleeping.
  4. Toddlers running and jumping into your arms because they are so happy to see you.
  5. The feel of new soft, fresh sheets on your comfy bed.
  6. Your favorite country music song on the radio.
  7. The excitement of teenagers coming home from school and sharing their  day with you.
  8. When you get 50 likes on Facebook of a picture of your child or grandchild.
  9. The sound of the door unlocking when the man of the house comes home from work.
  10. Listening to the television while being on your I-pad while your significant other is nearby doing the same thing.

    What are some of the little things that make your life special?  I have to admit that Living in Kentucky is a wonderful place to enjoy many special moments.  Please feel free to add some in the  comment section.  I would love to read your special little joys that make your life happy.




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